Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poetic Justice... Almost

Although the existence of karma remains an unsettled issue for humans to resolve, occasional episodes lend credence to its actuality. George Galloway, outspoken apologist for Islam in the British Parliament, has been forced to taste a tiny portion of the bitter hatred and brutal violence that he has supported among the Islamist group, Hamas. His caravan of collaboration received a welcoming consisting of stones thrown at the vehicles and anti-Hamas slogans painted on them. Whether or not someone urinated in the jihadist Kool-Aid he regularly gulps down has not been substantiated.

Unfortunately, it appears that Galloway escaped the attacks alive, unharmed and unrepentant. He has not made any statements yet announcing the error of his words and deeds in support of Islam. Apparently, his exposure to the same tactics employed by the objects of his affection, this time directed at him, have not opened his eyes and mind to reality. One must wonder if one of the hurled stones must strike him in the head in order to enlighten him.

Motivations for Galloway's treachery remain uncertain. If he believes that the Islamic takeover of Great Britain will happen inevitably, he is simply currying favor with his future overlords. Perhaps, he has become seduced by the allure of a totalitarian ideology just as some Britons developed an infatuation with Nazism in the 1930s. The issue might be easily explained by the fact that lives as a closeted Mohamadan.

No one has taken responsibility for the attacks at the time of this article. Therefore, this is an open message to whomever committed these acts: Exemplary effort but so much remains to accomplish. Next time, target this appeasing maggot specifically. Take a careful aim. Pinpoint your hurled stone strikes for the space between his eyes. The Free World will thank you profoundly.


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