Thursday, September 25, 2008

Appeasement at Home & Abroad

The Islamists & their useful idiots have ratcheted up their efforts in the past several days. What is more gauling is the continued idiocy of the appeasement movement.

On the 20th of this month, jihadis bombed a hotel in Islamabad, killing more than fifty. The resignation of former leader Mushariff obviously did not pacify the jihadis. They wanted him out of office since he was not openly anti-American enough to their satisfaction.
The current leader, Zardari, correctly labeled the terrorism of the jihadis as "cancer". However, he continues to try placate the Islamists in Pakistan by allowing jihadis in Afghanistan to use his country as a sanctuary, he will fail. He must decide if he truly wants to eradicate Islamic terrorism or risk the ire of the Islamists with the possibility of more violence provoked by them. The fact that Pakistani troops fired on American forces near the Afghan-Pakistani border betrays whom they consider as their true enemy.

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations rightfully organized a protest against Iranian leader Ahmadinejad. However, they fell prey to needless partisan political concerns by uninviting Governor Sarah Palin. If Senator Hillary Clinton chose not to attend the event, why not simply invite another female Democratic senator to protest the Iranian threat to the world's stability and the Free World's longevity? If those refuse, look for a female governor or member of the House of Representatives to join the demonstration! Are there no female Democratic politicians in high-profile offices who will stand up to denounce the cruel tyranny of the Islamic regime of Iran, especially considering that women there suffer under Koran-based second class status?

Ahmadinejad has disgraced the U.S.A. with his presence this week. The only positive outcome to that event were if some patriots were to fill his skull with multiple rounds of high-explosive ammunition. Compounding the outrageous appearance of the leader of the public face of Islamic regime of Iran is the fawning attention this Mohamedan madman receives from the members of the appeasement movement. The World Council of Churches along the Quakers and Mennonites who dined with this despot deserve to perish in the next jihadist act of terrorism. Maybe then they will realize that folly of attempting to coddle jihadis. The only dialogue that the civilized people of the world should have with the Iranian regime is the dictation of the unconditional surrender of Iran. This should be followed immediately by the pronouncement of a death sentences for those responsible for aiding or in engaging in terrorism, starting with the storming of the American embassy in Tehran in 1979.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember 9/11

Today, we should rightfully remember those who were slaughtered by nineteen jihadis on this date seven years ago. The proper way to honor their memory is to ensure that every savage responsible for that mass-murder ends up as maggot-fodder, preferably with their corpses covered in dog or pig feces. Those responsible, not only Osama bin Laden and the rest of Al-Kaida but those who financed or otherwise aided their terrorist network, must pay with their lives. Every day that those Mohamadan vermin continue to live stands as a stark example of injustice in this world. As for the nineteen jihadis, we can only hope that they all spend the afterlife on an eternal, infernal rotisserie. If there is any justice in the universe, that is their fate.

The heroic efforts of the passengers of United Flight 93 must serve as an inspiration to all freedom-loving people. Those people found themselves in a situation in which they could have chosen to concede to the authority of jihadis. They could have stayed passive and deluded themselves into thinking that these Mohamadans were not like the others that had already killed thousands of Americans. However, they did not let politically correctness or cowardice stop them from reacting in the proper fashion when threatened by Islamists. These Americans did what everyone confronted by Islamists must do: respond to Islamic threats and violence with an escalated level of force.

Finally, those who try to obfuscate the fact that jihadis committed this murderous act of war deserve the same fate as those responsible for the terrorists' attacks. There should be no distinction between Islamists and their useful idiots in the erroneously named "9/11 Truth" movement. All of them are equally guilty of facilitating Islam's war on the Free World.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Are You Doing for Eid al-Fitr?

Tyson Foods Inc. has released a statement regarding its decision to add the Islamic observance , Eid al-Fitr, as a paid day off work for its employees at one of its processing plants. It can be viewed here:

The company backtracked after some voiced opposition, especially due to the fact that Labor Day was sacrificed on the altar of appeasement of Islam. Tyson claims that Eid al Fitr will only exist as a paid holiday for this year. However, the inclusion of a prayer room for Mohamedan employees has not been revoked. It is incumbent upon the civilized people of the United States to ensure that Tyson will not continue these practices.

Therefore, we continue to call for a nation-wide boycott of all Tyson Foods' products. Additionally, we request that all freedom-loving individuals to contact Tyson. Tyson must be forced to understand that any catering to Islamists, no matter how multi-cultural or open-minded its representatives may claim their efforts to be, stands as a clear act of cowardly submission to Islam. The residents of the Free World must not tolerate such acts.

We have contacted Tyson Foods Inc. to inform the company of our campaign to roll back their Sharia-creep. We ask that our readers do so as well. The company's contact information is available at its website: