Monday, December 28, 2009

The Spirit of United 93

Old habits die hard, even for jihadis. Not content with killing Christians and destroying churches throughout Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia, they decided to rekindle a Richard Reid style of attack. The latest attempt by the terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to murder residents of the Free World occurred on Christmas, undoubtedly, not a coincidence. Al-Kaida relishes timing their strikes on days of significance. Even the Islamic hijackings and slaughter of thousands of civilians on the eleventh of September in 2001 a carried historical link. On that same day in 1683, Christian forces crushed the jihadist invaders outside Vienna. From that point through centuries, civilized nations gradually pushed back or suppressed the Islamic plague. Unfortunately for the world, those forces did not eradicate the Mohamadan scourge.

This most recent incidence of jihad demonstrates the power and primacy of unassuming individuals over impotent or dhimmified bureaucrats. One Dutch man accomplished what scores, if not hundreds or thousands, of federal governmental employees failed to do: halt a jihadi intent on murdering residents of the Free World. He did not need “cultural sensitivity” brainwashing sessions by the Council on American-Islamic Relations or any other fifth-columnist organization. Neither did his bravery require consultation with moral relativist lawyers nor with irrelevant international treaties ignored by Islamists. This one man from the Netherlands has continued the spirit of resistance to Islam exemplified by the passengers on United Flight 93 on the eleventh of September in 2001.

One must ask why this savage was even allowed on this flight? A broader question needs to be addressed: Why are any Mohamadans permitted anywhere near aircraft anymore? How many times do jihadis have use civilian airplanes as an implement of war before governmental authorities in the Free World admit that such naïve lackadaisicalness leads to deaths of free people? Until someone with authority decides to bar these monsters from infiltrating situations which facilitate acts of jihad, non-combatants will continue to suffer and die at the hands of vermin like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

In the end, despite the suicidal naïveté of and constant acquiescence to Islamists’ demands by federal authorities, the jihadi failed in his mission to earn eternity in a free whorehouse. Fortunately, no civilized people died in his jihad. Sadly, the passengers did not fully impose justice on the savage. This lascivious Mohamadan was willing to cause deaths of dozens of people in addition to his own just to satisfy his libido. Everyone should notice that his morbid desire to slaughter for sexual gratification ended up sabotaging his own future pursuits. What delicious irony that his own act of jihad torched his own little minaret, hopefully beyond any further usage.