Saturday, March 28, 2009

Insanity or Treachery?

It has been said that the first time a type of behavior occurs, that it is merely an incident. After the second occurrence of the same activity, one might dismiss both as coincidences. The third occurrence of identical actions indicates a trend. An Islamist-coddling trend is emanating out of the White House.

Before, the presidential election, anyone who expressed concerns about Barrack Obama's Mohamadan connections or sympathies received ridicule from members of his cult of personality and his numerous lackeys in the media. The mere mention of his middle name, Hussein, evoked screeches of indignant protestation and cries of various politically incorrect "ism"s and "phobia"s. The Obamaniacs brushed aside the fact he attended an Islamic school for years while residing in the predominately Islamic country of Indonesia. His connections to the traitorous Nation of Islam in Chicago while "organizing the community" did not deter the enthusiasm of his adorers. The apologists' obfuscation of Obama's troubling background drowned out voices raising doubts about his loyalty to American representative democracy, his commitment to Christianity and opposition to those who threaten both.

Obama betrayed his true sympathies toward Islam as he was being sworn into the Presidency. He proudly included his Islamic middle name in his oath despite never invoking it during the campaign. This action seems minor by itself. However, it has proven to be a revelation of his friendly inclination toward Islam.

One of his initial decisions resulted in the sending of millions of dollars of aid to Mohamadans in the Gaza Strip. Many of these Gazans celebrated the deaths of Americans on the eleventh of September in 2001. These same alleged victims voted an Islamist regime into power. As Islamists inevitably will do, they provoked a conflict with "infidels", Israelis, in this case. After the Israelis grew tired of the rockets fired into their country by the Gazans, the Israelis counter-attacked, killed some jihadis and destroyed infrastructure in the area. As a result of their choice, the Mohamadans suffered from lack of food, water and other essentials. So, people hostile to the U.S.A. launch attacks on an American ally then the American taxpayers are expected to sustain these savages? Only a fool or enemy agent would propose that lunacy.

More recently, Obama has announced that jihadis detained at Guantanamo Bay will be released. These include the 17 Uighurs captured in Afghanistan who will likely enter the United States since no other country wants to accept them. Instead of returning them to China where they belong, the Obama Administration expressed concern that the Mohamadans might be tortured there. Not only will these enemy agents enter the United States, they will receive federal aid to settle and live in the country. What a preposterous plan! Jihadis will freely enter the U.S.A., allowing them to continue their jihad, all paid for by American taxpayers dollars. The Obama Administration's is concerned about protecting Mohamadans from the possibility of torture at the expense of the safety of the American people. He is facilitating future terrorist activities within the U.S.A. This reeks of misplaced priorities, if not, criminal negligence and abetting the murder of Americans.

Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security announced the administration's attempt to obfuscate reality this month. The dhimmis in the White House decided that already misleading "War on Terror" moniker offended Mohamadan sensibilities. Thus, an even more dishonest label for the Jihad against the Free World is mandated to further obscure the Islamic nature of the enemies of the United States. Of course, the members of the Appeasement Movement, constituting a significant portion of Obama cult, celebrated this act of self-delusion.

The latest incident of Sharia-creep within the Obama Caliphate involves selective hiring of Mohamadans. This list resulted from the efforts of Keith Ellison, the Fifth Columnist in the U.S. House of Representatives. Apparently, Obama wants an affirmative action plan to include in the executive branch more wife-beaters, anti-Christian bigots, Jew-bashers, pedophiles and other types who adhere to Islam. Obama should just hire those Uighurs from Guantanamo Bay. They are going to leech off the federal government anyway. Plus, it gives them more in-roads to sensitive governmental records that can prove useful blowing up infrastructure and murdering Americans. That way, he could demand even more taxes in his budget proposal to clean up the mess the jihadis will have created.

Obama promised change. Unfortunately, this change involves aid and abetting jihadis and pandering to Islamists. The zombies who blindly support this useful idiot of the Islamists will soon have blood of Americans on their hands. The question is: Will that open their eyes to the treachery of their so-called Messiah?



Tarquin said...

I don't think anything will get the hardcore O-bots to open their eyes. .

MariamQ said...

Wow I found this website by accidental Google search. I am absolutely astounded at the anti-Islamic propaganda that this crappily written blog is espousing. Stop the hate, seriously. It's the 21st century. Why not take your views that are reminiscent of anti-Semite propaganda from the Nazi era back to the 1930s?
Your boycott of "Mohammeden" owned businesses actually reminds me of the treachery that occurred in Nov. 1938 in Germany (Kristellnacht) - look it up.
Respectfully in Islam

Charles Kastriot said...

So are you a Mohamadan or just one of their useful idiots? Based on your name and complimentary closing, I will assume that you are the former. In that case, I send my condolences to you.

Either way, it is ironic that you attempt to link me to Nazis. You know the Nazis, the savages that recruited Bosnian Mohamadans into the SS to exterminate Jews and hosted the Grand Mufti in Berlin for years. Islam and Nazism both share several traits: totalitarianism, violent repressive of competing ideologies and religions plus rabid anti-Jewish sentiments.

YOU need to look the events of Kristellnacht. Kristellnacht was an orgy of anti-Jewish vandalism. This website does not advocate violence toward Mohamadan business. If you want a parallel to Kristellnacht, look into the regularly occurring bombing of synagogues and desecration of Jewish graves in Europe committed by Mohamadans.

Nice try, though. Thanks for playing. As a consolation prize, enjoy a compilation of the Danish Mohamad cartoons and a free year's supply of pork rinds on their way to your tent in Toledo.

Tarquin said...

So Mariam Q, how does it feel to have your head buried in the sand?

Tarquin said...

And a further comment MiriamX... for you, who write like a rather slow second grader, to say that the article in question is "crappily written" is stunning. And, MiriamX, you should look up Kristellnacht because if you thing it's related to someone not wanting to shop in some filthy arab grocery store you're sadly misinformed. I hope you enjoy being part of the most misogynist,evil,twisted, Jew-hating CULT the world has ever seen.