Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comedy Central’s Capitulation

Last week, a prominent media organization in the United States succumbed to the inundation of Sharia-creep. Comedy Central joined the growing list of dhimmified American companies by caving into threats from jihadis who objected to any negative references to Islam or its fabricator. Not out of respect for all religions did this cable television outlet stifle images of Islam's creator. The hypocritical wimps in the upper echelon of network management censored Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s opus due to politically correct gutlessness.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone had featured Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) in an episode which originally was broadcast in July of 2001. Since Islamists had not yet launched the official start of the jihad in the United States, this depiction passed through Comedy Central’s self-imposed censorship. The license to impose Sharia granted to Mohamadans following the terrorist attacks of the eleventh of September 2001 trumped Parker and Stone’s inclusion of an image of Mohamad (MHBHF) in an April 2006 episode. In their recent attempt, they flirted with including an image of Mohamad (MHBHF) in the first half of the two part episode. However, Comedy Central obscured the image of the fabricator of Islam in both broadcasts, including bleeping his name in the latter.

The creators of South Park have not shied away from disparaging other religions. An episode that originally aired on the nineteenth of November in 2003 detailed the origin of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It featured a musical recounting of Joseph Smith’s acquisition of the Book of Mormon laced with a choral voice-over of "Dumb, dumb, dumb" ; anyone who questioned Smith’s pronouncement was serenaded with a voice-over of "Smart, smart, smart". On the sixteenth of November in 2005, Comedy Central ran of an episode mocking Scientologists’ beliefs regarding the story of the origin of life on Earth in addition to labeling the Church of Scientology’s leadership as solely interesting in financially exploiting its members. A Christmas-related show broadcast in 2002 portrayed Christ as an automatic rifle-wielding avenger who shot and stabbed Iraqis who had kidnapped and tortured Santa Claus. Multiple episodes have blatantly attacked the Catholic Church including showing the College of Cardinals openly admitting to sexual activity with children. Consequently, any claims by Comedy Central about the desire to avoid insulting others’ religious beliefs stand out as disingenuously false.

Americans must question whether or not their media outlets will continue to silence any negative remarks toward or squelch any unflattering depictions of any Islamic-related issues. A dozen jihadis boasting of a supposed Mohamadan revolution cowed a popular and successful cable outlet. The thinly veiled threat of one traitorous American named Zachary Adam Chesser made an entire network cower in fear then acquiesce to the demands of these savages. No longer does public opinion need to be measured in the millions or even in tens of thousands to induce a change in subject matter. The totalitarian ultimatums of a mere handful of Mohamadans suffices to crush the freedom of speech of all Americans. Considering Comedy Central’s continuous kowtowing to jihadis’ threats and burning desire to placate Mohamadans, one should expect the executives of the network to act proactively to forestall any further alleged blasphemy. Therefore, it is a matter of time until the executives behead Parker and Stone in accordance with Sharia, just to be on the safe side.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did the Earth Move for You?

Hojjat ol-eslam Kazem Sediki, an Islamic prayer leader in Iran, has blamed women’s lack of hiding themselves under oppressively suffocating outfits for an increased number of earthquakes. Conveniently, he overlooked the fact that numerous bare-breasted women on many beaches throughout France have not resulted in calamitous earthquakes in the French Riviera. The resorts along Mexico’s eastern shores and in the Caribbean Sea have not been swallowed by gaping fissures in the ground due to the presence of bikini-clad women. Along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and of the Gulf of Mexico of the United States, scantily-clad women have never induced such seismic retribution for decades now. So why exactly are Iranian women the cause of terrestrial rumblings?

This cleric’s remarks are typical of Islamists’ knee-jerk misogyny. The exposure of women’s hair, ankles, arms or faces supposedly causes calamities. Such absurdity makes perfect sense only to buffoons who have been mind-numbed through years of Islamic indoctrination. Who has time to study geology to understand the true causes of earthquakes? These savages certainly do not since they have been pre-occupied with robotically reciting the Koran. Why study an objective science when they can parrot verses which very few of them even understand due to ignorance of the seventh century dialect of the Arabian Peninsula in which Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) fabricated the Koranic verses? Anyone with at least a minimal level of scientific education guffawed uproariously upon hearing Sediki’s statements.

Apparently, this numbskull never considered the possibility that his country has experienced earthquakes as punishment for its Islamic regime’s three decades of repression. Certainly a just deity would avenge the frequent stonings of women who report being raped but cannot clear the ridiculous hurdle of proof required by Sharia that four male witnesses observed the crime. Additionally, a wrathful god
would surely punish those who flog women because a few strands of hair peeked through the tents mandated as “appropriate garments” by Islamists like Sediki. Divine retribution is due to the ruling clerics for their continued repression of democracy and secularism advocates.

Such admonishments seem even more hypocritical considering the practice of “temporary marriages” sanctioned by the Islamic regime. Iranian men pay women to sign contracts of marriage which stipulate when their marriage will end and how much the women will receive as compensation. These matrimonial farces often last for just a few days, frequently for a mere hour or two. This institution is de facto prostitution promoted for unmarried young males, especially among those studying to become Islamic clerics in the city of Kom. These arrangements including written documents between the johns and the whores only give a phony veneer of legitimacy in the eyes of the Islamists but not to any clear-thinking person.

Sediki’s ranting has further illuminated the dangerous insanity of the Islamic regime. With such ignorant leaders in charge of this totalitarian regime, how can anyone in the Free World not shudder at the thought of these barbarians safely handling radioactive materials for use in a nuclear power program? Of course, anyone subscribing to the Iranian disinformation about wanting a nuclear power program for peaceful civilian use certainly lacks the wisdom to see through the Iranians’ lies anyway.