Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do Not Give Them Hell, Barry

On the day after Nazi Germany declared war on Soviet Russia in 1941, Senator Harry Truman stated publicly: "If we see that Germany is winning, we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible,” That type of proposal has been branded as cynical, callous and Machiavellian in addition to other negative labels. However, Truman’s wish for mutual destruction of the forces of two different totalitarian ideologies resonates even in the current century. Those who hold the security of the Free World and that of the United States in particular as paramount should be wary of involvement in the ongoing civil war in Libya.

People clamoring for military, financial and other forms of aid should delve deeper into the words and deeds to the insurgents in Libya. Those rebels are shouting “Allahu Akbar!”, the equivalent of “Sieg Heil!” for Nazis and “Destroy the bourgeoisie!” for Marxists. Granted, Muamar Kadaffy has funded and sheltered terrorists who have killed Americans. However, those seeking to topple him show clear indications of having Islamist agenda. Their flag sports the crescent moon and star, the most recognizable symbol of Islam. Kadaffy’s regime instituted a flag without any Islamic reference. Kadaffy’s police have not instituted wide-scale imposition of Sharia such as suffocating clothing for women or stoning for rape victims on the scale as can be seen daily in Saudi Arabia or in Iran. Have any of the cheerleaders for the rebellion considered that the victory of Kadaffy’s opponents could easily turn Libya into another base from which Islamists spawn jihadist terrorism in the future?

If Obama wants to topple a regime headed by terrorist-coddling thugs, why has he not supported the protestors in Iran? Kadaffy gave up its research program into developing weapons of mass destruction. In contrast, the theocrats in Tehran have accelerated their quest to obtain nuclear weapons. His regime’s legal status of women is somewhat permissive by the misogynistic standards of the other Islamic states in the region, especially Iran. Kadaffy has curtailed the anti-American vitriol over the past few years while the verbal venom from Mahmood Ahmadinejad has escalated. In short, support for the opposition in Iran could not result in a government more hostile to freedom and civilization than the one already in power.

It is glaringly logical for the leader of the Free World to avoid doing anything that would assist those who want to destroy liberty and subjugate free people. Truman commented about not committing exclusively to one side in the war between Nazis and Communists, hoping they would annihilate each other in the long run. Likewise, President Obama should heed this example from the past and go one rational step further: sit back and let totalitarians destroy each other without aiding any of them. That provides a bulwark against the victors in this intra-savage war from turning their aggression on the Free World.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goats' Head-butts and Crocodile Tears

Representative Keith Ellison’s crocodile tears flowed freely in front of Congress and the general public last week. He lamented the death of a Mohamadan fireman caused by Ellison’s fellow Islamists on the eleventh of September in 2001. Evidently, Ellison could not be bothered to mention or mourn any of the other nearly three thousand others who were murdered by those sharing Ellison’s ideology. After all, the brutal extermination of non-Mohamadans is not something over which two goats will butt heads, as the fabricator of Islam was fond of saying.

So what else moves Ellison to tears and angry denunciations? Where was his overt display of grief over the non-Mohamadans slaughtered by the Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood? When did he express indignation over the thousands of American armed forces personnel killed by jihadis? How many times did he decry the recent foiled bombing and murder plots by jihadis such as those directed at Fort Dix, in Times Square, at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland or in the vicinity of Wrigley Field and elsewhere? His lack of any similar outburst following these true crimes reveals his indifference to the suffering of those outside of his totalitarian cult.

What did Ellison accomplish with his opening of the water works? Only time will tell. He drew another card from the deck of perpetual Mohamadan victimhood and played it in front of the entire nation. His tantrum may succeed in squelching any further investigation of the Islamist agenda of undermining national security and general tranquility of the American public. Likely, he will add more irrelevant tear-jerking rants to halt improvements in security that focus on the most likely and recurring perpetrators of terrorism, his fellow Mohamadans. Given his Islam-supremacist viewpoints, any discomfort of or offense taken by Mohamadans supersede the peace of mind and right to live of infidels.