Saturday, March 28, 2009

Insanity or Treachery?

It has been said that the first time a type of behavior occurs, that it is merely an incident. After the second occurrence of the same activity, one might dismiss both as coincidences. The third occurrence of identical actions indicates a trend. An Islamist-coddling trend is emanating out of the White House.

Before, the presidential election, anyone who expressed concerns about Barrack Obama's Mohamadan connections or sympathies received ridicule from members of his cult of personality and his numerous lackeys in the media. The mere mention of his middle name, Hussein, evoked screeches of indignant protestation and cries of various politically incorrect "ism"s and "phobia"s. The Obamaniacs brushed aside the fact he attended an Islamic school for years while residing in the predominately Islamic country of Indonesia. His connections to the traitorous Nation of Islam in Chicago while "organizing the community" did not deter the enthusiasm of his adorers. The apologists' obfuscation of Obama's troubling background drowned out voices raising doubts about his loyalty to American representative democracy, his commitment to Christianity and opposition to those who threaten both.

Obama betrayed his true sympathies toward Islam as he was being sworn into the Presidency. He proudly included his Islamic middle name in his oath despite never invoking it during the campaign. This action seems minor by itself. However, it has proven to be a revelation of his friendly inclination toward Islam.

One of his initial decisions resulted in the sending of millions of dollars of aid to Mohamadans in the Gaza Strip. Many of these Gazans celebrated the deaths of Americans on the eleventh of September in 2001. These same alleged victims voted an Islamist regime into power. As Islamists inevitably will do, they provoked a conflict with "infidels", Israelis, in this case. After the Israelis grew tired of the rockets fired into their country by the Gazans, the Israelis counter-attacked, killed some jihadis and destroyed infrastructure in the area. As a result of their choice, the Mohamadans suffered from lack of food, water and other essentials. So, people hostile to the U.S.A. launch attacks on an American ally then the American taxpayers are expected to sustain these savages? Only a fool or enemy agent would propose that lunacy.

More recently, Obama has announced that jihadis detained at Guantanamo Bay will be released. These include the 17 Uighurs captured in Afghanistan who will likely enter the United States since no other country wants to accept them. Instead of returning them to China where they belong, the Obama Administration expressed concern that the Mohamadans might be tortured there. Not only will these enemy agents enter the United States, they will receive federal aid to settle and live in the country. What a preposterous plan! Jihadis will freely enter the U.S.A., allowing them to continue their jihad, all paid for by American taxpayers dollars. The Obama Administration's is concerned about protecting Mohamadans from the possibility of torture at the expense of the safety of the American people. He is facilitating future terrorist activities within the U.S.A. This reeks of misplaced priorities, if not, criminal negligence and abetting the murder of Americans.

Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security announced the administration's attempt to obfuscate reality this month. The dhimmis in the White House decided that already misleading "War on Terror" moniker offended Mohamadan sensibilities. Thus, an even more dishonest label for the Jihad against the Free World is mandated to further obscure the Islamic nature of the enemies of the United States. Of course, the members of the Appeasement Movement, constituting a significant portion of Obama cult, celebrated this act of self-delusion.

The latest incident of Sharia-creep within the Obama Caliphate involves selective hiring of Mohamadans. This list resulted from the efforts of Keith Ellison, the Fifth Columnist in the U.S. House of Representatives. Apparently, Obama wants an affirmative action plan to include in the executive branch more wife-beaters, anti-Christian bigots, Jew-bashers, pedophiles and other types who adhere to Islam. Obama should just hire those Uighurs from Guantanamo Bay. They are going to leech off the federal government anyway. Plus, it gives them more in-roads to sensitive governmental records that can prove useful blowing up infrastructure and murdering Americans. That way, he could demand even more taxes in his budget proposal to clean up the mess the jihadis will have created.

Obama promised change. Unfortunately, this change involves aid and abetting jihadis and pandering to Islamists. The zombies who blindly support this useful idiot of the Islamists will soon have blood of Americans on their hands. The question is: Will that open their eyes to the treachery of their so-called Messiah?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

politically correct Islamic references

This week, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and the rest of the Obama administration revealed its Orwellian speech code. Denial of the ongoing jihad against the United States and everyone else outside of the Islamic bloc has become a self-delusional case of group-think. Napolitano refused to utter the term "terrorism" in favor of the misleadingly euphemism "man-caused disasters". Interestingly, she wants to conceal the inherent role of Islam in these acts of violence yet does not shy away from linking all of these incidents to men. Of course, political correctness encourages stereotyping of men as inherently evil, as long as they are not Mohamadans.

The American people can expect to hear and read numerous confusing weaselly worded phrases. As a public service, the list seen below includes current terms followed the Obamanical circumlocutions. All of these relate to Islam, its adherents and their practices. As with most politically correct linguistic fabrications, they tend to consist of several words when replacing a single, politically incorrect word. In some cases, more than one Sharia-compliant version exists.

Islam: 1. alternative political ideology
2. religion of peace

Islamic: 1. democratically-challenged
2. freedom-adverse
3. tolerance-impaired

terrorism: fervent opposition to capitalism, human rights and representative democracy

terrorists: 1. Islamic activists
2. peace dissenters
3. homicidal engineers
4. people with anger issues

terrorist attack: 1. elimination of those with different beliefs
2. conflict resolution with explosives or weapons

fatalities due to jihad: former obstructions to the establishment a new caliphate

homicide bombers: 1. committed political activists
2. mortally inclined

suicide bombers: 1. permanently committed political activists
2. nihilisticly inclined
3. explodophiles

enemy combatants: 1. people with different opinions
2. faith-based dissenters

Taliban: indigenous, misunderstood government of Afghanistan

mosque: completely innocent meeting place where no one has ever or will ever proclaim any anti-Jewish, anti-Christian or anti-Western statements

Koran: unassailable source of edicts justifying any measures enacted against enemies of Islam

jihad: actions that perpetuate Islam, whether targets of actions accept them or not

polygyny: 1. matrimonial expansion
2. legally authorized philandering

wife-beating: alternative solution to marital disputes

female genital mutilation: faith-based surgery

box-cutter: 1. traditional Islamic cultural implement
2. good luck charm of persons who happen to be Moslem

hijacking: unofficial change of itinerary

beheading: involuntary cranial removal

kidnapping: involuntary change of address

ransom demands: insistent request for remuneration after an involuntary change of address

burka: outfit demonstrating freedom and equality of women under Islamic rule

death threats against Danish cartoonists mocking Mohamad ibn Abdullah, creator of Islam: lack of consensus regarding artistic merit

honor killings: intrafamilial discipline

marriage of pre-teen girls to middle-aged men: acceptable cultural norm concerning choice of domestic partners

war on terror: oppression of Allah's minions (minions defined in entries for "homicide bombers", "suicide bombers" and "terrorists")

One final example of prevarication has not yet been implemented by the current administration. Nevertheless, it will become apparent to the general public then enter the popular lexicon.

Obama Administration officials: persons who hope to delay their eventual termination at the hands of jihadis by inventing and spouting ridiculous obfuscations


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Popular Majors for Incoming Gazan Students

The Obama administration is letting its inner-Hussein peek through the burka of obfuscation. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that American tax dollars will be spent on funding the education of residents of the Gaza Strip, pending the rubber-stamping by the Democratic-controlled Congress. () These funds supplement the nine hundred million dollars headed to support the Islamists in the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria. Mrs. Clinton did not indicate how the money would be allocated with such pressing priorities such the purchase of American and Israeli flags for desecration, the procurement of stones for hurling and rockets for launching at Israelis in addition to acquisition of knives for clitorectomies and beheadings of infidels.

Americans may have an interest in how their taxes will be dispensed in this case of halal pork. An informal and unscientific survey of the future recipients would indicate some intriguing choices of courses. We invite you to review the following reasons for Mohamadans' interest in pursuing the following majors:

inorganic chemistry: "study proper steps to create explosives"

organic chemistry: "discover different means to poison infidels"

physics: "learn to increase velocity of shrapnel in suicide-vests"

home-economics education: "discover new ways to create even more oppressive burkas"

English: "improve grammar and spelling for writing on banners displayed in anti-Israel/anti-American rallies plus expand arsenal of epithets to yell at Western media's cameras"

applied mathematics: "obtain new methods of counting up victims of attacks without resorting to their traditional method of removing sandals to count above ten"

riflery: "perfecting the use of fewer bullets to slay infidels"

cellular and molecular biology: "delve into how to mutate more deadly micro-organisms to infect infidels"

film arts: "improve quality of beheading videos such as adding three-dimensional effects and surround-sound"

women's studies: "find out the multitude of ways Allah created women inherently inferior to men"

Jewish Studies: "gain knowledge of all the wicked deeds Jews have committed in the past (assassination of Anwar Sadat and Adolf Hitler, destruction of World Trade Center, et cetera) plus the nefarious schemes that they are currently plotting"

computer science: "master hacking into databases to steal technological secrets and information about infidels obstructing establishment of caliphate"

automotive engineering: "develop and build the perfect car bomb"

aviation and air transportation: "determine means to streamline hijacking procedures"

nuclear engineering: "Do we really have the spell out this one?"

civil engineering: "understand how infidels build structures so we can destroy them"

electrical technology: "diversify the uses of electricity in the torture of hostages"

comparative literature: "understand why every book ever written is automatically inferior to the Koran"

conflict resolution/peace studies: "pick up lingo used by useful idiots in appeasement movement to convince them Islam is 'a religion of peace'"

criminal justice/law enforcement: "determine how to exploit freedom in order to destroy concepts of representative democracy and universal human rights"

German: "acquire ability to converse with escaped Nazis about greatness of 'Final Solution'"

religious studies/theology: "brush up on platitudes explaining why Islam is superior to other religions"

pre-law: "learn how to identify most treacherous, self-loathing American attorneys to defend jihadis after arrests"

foreign languages: "understand how to say 'Give me my taxpayer-funded public housing, food subsidies and welfare check NOW!' in various Western European languages"

history: "read about glorious Golden Age of Islam and how the West has repressed Islam with its running water, disease prevention, underarm deodorant and so forth"

political science/government: "find out about outrageous notions such as women's suffrage, emancipation of slaves and power by consent of the governed in order to undermine them"

geography: "locate suitable locations around the world for next bombings, hijackings and other acts of jihad"

public affairs: "develop ability to utter statements like 'Under Islam, women are respected.', 'Islam is a religion of peace' and 'Islam promotes human rights' without bursting into laughter"

legal assisting: "look for legal loopholes to allow jihadis to escape criminal prosecution"

martial arts: "study techniques to kill infidels when no AK-47 or knife is available"

After reviewing these, one can easily state that many justifications exist for this expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, none of these actually benefit the American people. They do accomplish the goal of placating the appeasement movement with its delusion that subsidizing the Mohamadans will pacify the jihadis. Of course, spending those sums of money on eliminating the jihadis remains the most logical and direct solution, just not the politically correct one.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sharia still slithering through USA

Here are some recent examples of Sharia-creep.

1. In February of this year, a Mohamadan woman wearing a head-rag entered the Navy Federal Credit Union in San Diego. She did so despite the bank's policy banning the wearing of hats, hoods and sunglasses because these obstruct the view of customers' heads. In typical Mohamadan arrogance, she believed the doctrines of her totalitarian ideology override any security-related policies. She claims the bank denied her service.

2. In February of this year, another female Mohamadan with a rag wrapped around her head went into a Navy Federal Credit Union location. This incident occurred in the town of California in Maryland. An employee asked the customer to exit the line. Despite her violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of the "no disguising of the head" policy, she still completed her transaction at the bank. In March, she refused to conform to the bank's policy or conduct her transactions in a separate area.

If these women are such a devout adherents of Islam, why are they involved with an institution that engages in usury? Mohamad explicitly forbade this practice in the second chapter of the Koran in verses 275, 276 and 278.

Perhaps, both of these incidents coincidentally involve Navy Federal Credit Union locations. However, the fact that they both occurred within the same two month period of this year and involve female Mohamadans wearing head-rags, one might reasonably conclude that these originated in perpetuation of the agenda of the Crybabies Arrogating Islamic Rules. This fifth column consisting of Islamists and their useful idiots, better known as CAIR, is likely just brewing its latest batch of delusions and lies, whatever suits their goal of crushing opposition to and criticism of the Islamification of the USA. They will sue in court and eventually settle for sending their minions to these banks to brainwash the employees and whitewash the truth about Islam, at banks' expense, of course.

3. In Minnesota, Mohamadans pondering the purchase of a house do not have to violate Mohamad ibn Abdullah's (May he burn in hell forever) commandment against usury. Of course, this is due to the New Markets Mortgage Program instituted by the state's housing agency.

The government of a state has capitulated to a group of egoists who refuse to conform to the free market economy of the United States. Interestingly, leftists who have repeatedly cited the non-existent "separation of church and state" clause of the American Constitution remain silent in opposition to this state-funded program with the obfuscating title. Apparently, the Atheists', Criminals' and Lunatics' Union (also known as the ACLU) does not object to intermingling of mosque and state.


Poetic Justice... Almost

Although the existence of karma remains an unsettled issue for humans to resolve, occasional episodes lend credence to its actuality. George Galloway, outspoken apologist for Islam in the British Parliament, has been forced to taste a tiny portion of the bitter hatred and brutal violence that he has supported among the Islamist group, Hamas. His caravan of collaboration received a welcoming consisting of stones thrown at the vehicles and anti-Hamas slogans painted on them. Whether or not someone urinated in the jihadist Kool-Aid he regularly gulps down has not been substantiated.

Unfortunately, it appears that Galloway escaped the attacks alive, unharmed and unrepentant. He has not made any statements yet announcing the error of his words and deeds in support of Islam. Apparently, his exposure to the same tactics employed by the objects of his affection, this time directed at him, have not opened his eyes and mind to reality. One must wonder if one of the hurled stones must strike him in the head in order to enlighten him.

Motivations for Galloway's treachery remain uncertain. If he believes that the Islamic takeover of Great Britain will happen inevitably, he is simply currying favor with his future overlords. Perhaps, he has become seduced by the allure of a totalitarian ideology just as some Britons developed an infatuation with Nazism in the 1930s. The issue might be easily explained by the fact that lives as a closeted Mohamadan.

No one has taken responsibility for the attacks at the time of this article. Therefore, this is an open message to whomever committed these acts: Exemplary effort but so much remains to accomplish. Next time, target this appeasing maggot specifically. Take a careful aim. Pinpoint your hurled stone strikes for the space between his eyes. The Free World will thank you profoundly.