Monday, November 10, 2008

Victory for Islam?

Does Senator Barrack Hussein Obama's election to the presidency of the U.S.A. equate to a victory for Islamists? Here are some points confirming or opposing that:

1. As a candidate, he openly stated opposition to the continuation of the U.S. involvement in the Iraqi theater of operations in Islam's war on the Free World. He has said he wants to withdraw U.S. forces in short order, regardless of the level of preparation of the current Iraqi government to assume full authority. The inevitable catastrophe which would result if Islamists topple the popularly-elected officials was not even addressed during the campaign.
2. Obama attended Islamic schools in his pre-teen years. Those years of indoctrination have either made him friendly toward Islam or resentful of the forced immersion in an Islamic cesspool. He has not publicly proclaimed any negativity toward Islam.
3. Obama possessed enough political savvy to deny any affiliation to Islam during the campaign. Now that he has been elected, he does not have to worry about raising anxiety of Americans about the possibility of a Mohamedan in charge of their country.
4. He has been highly critical of the detention of jihadis at Guantanamo Bay. If he follows through on his statements uttered to the appeasement movement, he will give them rights accorded to U.S. citizens in criminal trials, despite their ineligibility for protection for those or even those granted to prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention. He will order the release of some, if not all, detainees without even bringing them to trial to placate the "Hate America First" crowd.
5. Under Islamic law, anyone born to a Mohamadan is automatically considered as a Mohamadan. Therefore, Obama is a Mohamadan since his father was openly Mohamadan. Islamic law does not consider the fact that his mother was not Mohamadan since the mother's faith is not relevant in their opinions and Mohamadan women are not allowed to marry non-Mohamadans. Will Islamists call for Obama's murder in accordance with the Koranic verse

1. Obama has publicly stated that he is not Mohamadan. No evidence of his involvement in Islamic organizations or even membership in a mosque has been brought to public attention.
2. Obama has declared his intention to hunt down Osama bin Laden, even sending American forces into Pakistan if necessary to accomplish that.

After weighing both sides, it is still not possible to read Obama's mind. We can only judge his statements and actions. Also, we have to stay vigilant and active to ensure that he does not further the agenda of the Islamists and their useful idiots.