Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sharia still slithering through USA

Here are some recent examples of Sharia-creep.

1. In February of this year, a Mohamadan woman wearing a head-rag entered the Navy Federal Credit Union in San Diego. She did so despite the bank's policy banning the wearing of hats, hoods and sunglasses because these obstruct the view of customers' heads. In typical Mohamadan arrogance, she believed the doctrines of her totalitarian ideology override any security-related policies. She claims the bank denied her service.

2. In February of this year, another female Mohamadan with a rag wrapped around her head went into a Navy Federal Credit Union location. This incident occurred in the town of California in Maryland. An employee asked the customer to exit the line. Despite her violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of the "no disguising of the head" policy, she still completed her transaction at the bank. In March, she refused to conform to the bank's policy or conduct her transactions in a separate area.

If these women are such a devout adherents of Islam, why are they involved with an institution that engages in usury? Mohamad explicitly forbade this practice in the second chapter of the Koran in verses 275, 276 and 278.

Perhaps, both of these incidents coincidentally involve Navy Federal Credit Union locations. However, the fact that they both occurred within the same two month period of this year and involve female Mohamadans wearing head-rags, one might reasonably conclude that these originated in perpetuation of the agenda of the Crybabies Arrogating Islamic Rules. This fifth column consisting of Islamists and their useful idiots, better known as CAIR, is likely just brewing its latest batch of delusions and lies, whatever suits their goal of crushing opposition to and criticism of the Islamification of the USA. They will sue in court and eventually settle for sending their minions to these banks to brainwash the employees and whitewash the truth about Islam, at banks' expense, of course.

3. In Minnesota, Mohamadans pondering the purchase of a house do not have to violate Mohamad ibn Abdullah's (May he burn in hell forever) commandment against usury. Of course, this is due to the New Markets Mortgage Program instituted by the state's housing agency.

The government of a state has capitulated to a group of egoists who refuse to conform to the free market economy of the United States. Interestingly, leftists who have repeatedly cited the non-existent "separation of church and state" clause of the American Constitution remain silent in opposition to this state-funded program with the obfuscating title. Apparently, the Atheists', Criminals' and Lunatics' Union (also known as the ACLU) does not object to intermingling of mosque and state.


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