Wednesday, March 18, 2009

politically correct Islamic references

This week, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and the rest of the Obama administration revealed its Orwellian speech code. Denial of the ongoing jihad against the United States and everyone else outside of the Islamic bloc has become a self-delusional case of group-think. Napolitano refused to utter the term "terrorism" in favor of the misleadingly euphemism "man-caused disasters". Interestingly, she wants to conceal the inherent role of Islam in these acts of violence yet does not shy away from linking all of these incidents to men. Of course, political correctness encourages stereotyping of men as inherently evil, as long as they are not Mohamadans.

The American people can expect to hear and read numerous confusing weaselly worded phrases. As a public service, the list seen below includes current terms followed the Obamanical circumlocutions. All of these relate to Islam, its adherents and their practices. As with most politically correct linguistic fabrications, they tend to consist of several words when replacing a single, politically incorrect word. In some cases, more than one Sharia-compliant version exists.

Islam: 1. alternative political ideology
2. religion of peace

Islamic: 1. democratically-challenged
2. freedom-adverse
3. tolerance-impaired

terrorism: fervent opposition to capitalism, human rights and representative democracy

terrorists: 1. Islamic activists
2. peace dissenters
3. homicidal engineers
4. people with anger issues

terrorist attack: 1. elimination of those with different beliefs
2. conflict resolution with explosives or weapons

fatalities due to jihad: former obstructions to the establishment a new caliphate

homicide bombers: 1. committed political activists
2. mortally inclined

suicide bombers: 1. permanently committed political activists
2. nihilisticly inclined
3. explodophiles

enemy combatants: 1. people with different opinions
2. faith-based dissenters

Taliban: indigenous, misunderstood government of Afghanistan

mosque: completely innocent meeting place where no one has ever or will ever proclaim any anti-Jewish, anti-Christian or anti-Western statements

Koran: unassailable source of edicts justifying any measures enacted against enemies of Islam

jihad: actions that perpetuate Islam, whether targets of actions accept them or not

polygyny: 1. matrimonial expansion
2. legally authorized philandering

wife-beating: alternative solution to marital disputes

female genital mutilation: faith-based surgery

box-cutter: 1. traditional Islamic cultural implement
2. good luck charm of persons who happen to be Moslem

hijacking: unofficial change of itinerary

beheading: involuntary cranial removal

kidnapping: involuntary change of address

ransom demands: insistent request for remuneration after an involuntary change of address

burka: outfit demonstrating freedom and equality of women under Islamic rule

death threats against Danish cartoonists mocking Mohamad ibn Abdullah, creator of Islam: lack of consensus regarding artistic merit

honor killings: intrafamilial discipline

marriage of pre-teen girls to middle-aged men: acceptable cultural norm concerning choice of domestic partners

war on terror: oppression of Allah's minions (minions defined in entries for "homicide bombers", "suicide bombers" and "terrorists")

One final example of prevarication has not yet been implemented by the current administration. Nevertheless, it will become apparent to the general public then enter the popular lexicon.

Obama Administration officials: persons who hope to delay their eventual termination at the hands of jihadis by inventing and spouting ridiculous obfuscations


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