Monday, June 14, 2010

Unexpected Inspiration

Just as I was starting to believe that none of my articles were being read or even noticed, I recently received two messages through Facebook. Two Mohamadans reminded me why I compose and publish the truth about the evils of Islam and why it must be destroyed. Mohamadans have sent me two types of correspondence. One, usually from females, consists of gushing praise for Islam and Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) along with claims that I do not understand Islam. The other type, usually from males, includes vulgar insults and threats of violence, usually of a sexual nature. This month, I have received an example of each.

The first example arrived from a savage calling himself "Bakor". On the tenth of June, at 3:18pm, I received this bilge from this foul-mouthed barbarian. It appears exactly in the same form in which I received it.

"hi this message is actually something else intended
FUCK YOU BITCH MUTHA fucka!!!!! if you dare say a thing about islam again i will pound the fuck out of u!!!!!!! and make u suck my dick like a pretty boy that u r! and PS ur pic doesnt represent islam just PAKISTAN and they are worth more then u bitch"

Later that day, I replied,
"My picture represents Islam since it has been used by Mohamadans for centuries in reference to the fictitious lunar deity called Allah. Pakistan is not the only Islamic wasteland which features the crescent moon. Malaysia, Algeria, Turkey and several other hellholes also display it on their flags as does the Red Crescent Organization. Obviously, you need to do some research, you ignorant savage.

I will continue to speak the truth about Islam, Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) and the morons like you who adhere to his insane rantings. I dare you to try to stop me. If you attack me, I would enjoy reducing you to a whimpering and bloody stain on the ground!

Unlike you, I have zero interest in homosexual activity so take your offer of fellatio to the other perverts who flock to your mosk. You should stick to what is your expertise: raping little boys and being sodomized by pigs. Burn in Hell alongside the criminal who fabricated your ideology!"

The following day I found this message in my inbox on my Facebook page from Yasmin Adam on June 11 at 8:39am:
"ur profile pic is very provoking
and i'm really sad that there's ppl like u in the world coz terrorists come out from ppl like u who hate a religions and act like fanatics ewww i'm disgusted seriously u such a racist"

Here is my reply on June 12 at 12:24am:
"Terrorists do not come from people who support democracy, advocate for equal rights for women and extol capitalism like myself."

"I dare you to provide any evidence of my supposed racism. Name just one shred of proof that have criticized or discriminated against anyone because of his/her race!

"I am really sad that naive and dishonest people like exist to apologize for true terrorists who propagate Islam."

This is how she answered on June 12 at 11:51am:
"ur profile picture show that u support racism
i'm not going to tell u "O islam is a great religion blah blah blah" coz i don't care what u think of islam or muslims
but it just piss me off that When u attack black people,they call it Racism. When u attack Jewish people,they call it Anti-semetism. When you attack women, they call it Sexism. When you attack homosexuality,they call it Intolerance. When u attack ur country,they call it Treason.But when u attack islam u want to call it democracy??"

So I started dismantling her warped vision of the world, distorted by Islamic disinformation on June 12 at 12:15pm:
"Islam is an ideology, not a race. Therefore opposition to Islam has no connection to racism. Mohamadans consist of various races.

"Yes, criticism of Islam is an expression of democratic freedom. Under democracy, a government derives its power by consent of the citizens and the will of the majority to choose its leaders. One of the most important God-given rights is the freedom of speech.

"Under Islam, a government derives its power by adherence to the rantings of a seventh century Arabian criminal and brutally crushing anyone who does not hold those views. Anyone differing with the lunacy spouted by Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) is oppressed, threatened or killed in an Islamic regime.

"Islam consists of totalitarianism, misogyny, terrorism, pedophilia, violence and other despicable traits. So why do you defend an ideology that promotes dictatorship, wife-beating, polygyny, sex with pre-pubescent girls plus murder, rape and robbery of non-believers?"

She tried soft-peddle Islam at this point on June 12 at 4:23pm:
"o-k-a-y may i knew from where u learned that?
i'm a muslim girl who live in a muslim country and let me tell u how we live
i have two sisters they r both married to the guy they love and by their choice
and about polygyny it's a choice if the wife didn't agree then she can get divorce
and about the governmet thing all the governmnets everywhere is assholes they lie and manipulate with their people
and don't u dare insult muhmad (peace be upon him) coz u know nothing about him, u r just a guy who is blind with hate and it really kills me to hear what u just said about my religion


At this point, I decided to inundate her with quotes taken straight from Islamic texts to expose her to what her ideology truly supports on June 13 at 11:55pm"
"I learned about the various evils spouted by Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) by reading a Koran and other Islamic texts. Simply by pointing to verses from the Koran and other sources, I will enlighten you about your ideology.

"Have you ever even read any of Mo's (MHBHF) rantings? I do not mean mindlessly reciting or memorizing verses in an archaic dialect of Arabic which very few Mohamadans understand. I refer to reading the Koran or other Islamic texts in a language in which you can read and comprehend.

"The difference between a democratic government and an Islamic one is that under democracy, any laws can be changed by the citizens. Under an Islamic regime, no one is allowed to institute a law that contradicts whatever Mo (MHBHF) ordered or forbid. Islamist justify their terrorism, misogyny, totalitarianism, pedophilia, violence and other despicable crimes by pointing to the words and deeds of Mo (MHBHF).

"Regarding divorce women have no freedom to dump a husband for his polygyny since Mo (MHBHF) restricted their freedom to divorce (Hadith Bukhari vol.7 no.121,122 p.93 and vol.7 chapter 93 vol.7 no.130 p.99) In fact, Mo authorized polygyny. So you accept the practice of allowing Mohamadan men to have simultaneous sexual relationships with multiple wives and slaves while a Mohamadan woman must remain monogamous to this man (Koran 4:3)? Do you like being viewed as a piece of property which Mo (MHBHF) did in Koran 2:223 or as an animal as he did in Hadith Tabari Vol 9, Number 1754 ? Do enjoy the idea that your testimony must be corroborated by another woman to be considered equal to the testimony of just one man (Koran 2:282 and Hadith Bukhari 6:301)?Are you happy with receiving only half of an inheritance of a male relative (Koran 4:11)? So you consider yourself as inferior to men as Mo (MHBHF) proclaimed in Koran 2:228 and 4:34?

"I will continue to insult Mo (MHBHF) and all the weak-minded sheep who blindly adhere to his evil rantings. I will never stop until everyone in the world has been liberated from his totalitarianism. Which is more deplorable, for you to feel "killed" from reading the truth about Islam and its fabricator (MHBHF) or for you and other Mohamadans to kill those who disagree with your ideology?


Yasmin's pathetic whimper came like this on June 14 at 5:49am:
"well,it still hurt when u say this bad words but i trust my ppl so much and i LOVE my religion and i won't give up on my ppl and again i don't care what u think and islam will propagate around the wold isn't it amazing how there's ppl like u who hate islam and say bad things about it but there's ppl still convert !
anyways thank u for the good talk u just made me believe more in my religion ^_^ i'll pray for u"

She sent to me a link to for a recording entitled "Fuck You" by Lily Allen.

In conclusion, I concluded this exchange like this earlier today:
"I am not amazed that barbarous men and feeble-minded women convert to Islam. This ideology is well suited for their mental and moral deficiencies. The same sort of moronic savages have always embraced other forms of totalitarianism too.

"Many Mohamadans have renounced Islam. Those with enough strength of character and wisdom realize the absurd insanity of Mo's (MHBHF) rantings. Of course, they are not as highly visible as sheep who are seduced by Islam. Also, the ex-Mohamadans live in fear of murder by jihadis determined to enforce Mo's (MHBHF) commandment to kill anyone who abandons Islam.

"I am not surprised that you cannot refute any of the statements which I made exposing the numerous evils of your ideology. You may choose to continue your blissful ignorance instead of confronting the appalling crimes advocated and celebrated by your fellow Mohamadans. However, you only perpetuate the self-destructive insanity.

"By the way, your feebly vulgar link made me laugh. This pathetic attempt at a response shows how meager is your level of cerebral functioning after years of Islamic brainwashing."

In closing, I would like to thank both Bakor and Yasmin. You two numskulls have encouraged me to further pursue the obliteration of Islam.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Return to Their Place of Origin

Helen Thomas' comments regarding Jews supposedly occupying Arab lands provided some provocative suggestions. This White House reporter demands that one group of people should return to their place of origin. In order to remain honestly consistent, why is she not demanding the expulsion of recent infiltrators into the United States of America, Canada and Europe?

Thomas' comments included the desire for Jews to return to Poland and Germany. One can rightfully ask where should the Sephardim go? What would be the fate of Jews who left, often expelled involuntarily and under threat of violence, from Yemen, Iran, Morocco and other Islamic nations? Also, what about the Jews living in the territory surrounding Jerusalem for centuries despite the Islamic conquest and subsequent oppression?

So where are Thomas' calls for the removal of outsiders who have been encroaching into the country of her residence? Mohamadans have been infiltrating the United States of American for decades. They have been granted citizenship despite violating standards mandated by Congress as essential for gaining citizenship. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of bars anyone espousing a totalitarian ideology in Section 313 under Title III of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Considering that Islamic governance is based on enforcing the whimsical utterances of seventh century dictator and his successors instead of consent of the citizens and will of the majority, Islam clearly demonstrates its totalitarian foundation. Additionally, anyone engaging in polygamy or intending to do so cannot legally naturalize under Section 212(10)(A) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. However, Islam explicitly permits polygamy while considering a man with several simultaneous marriages as the role model for human behavior. Therefore, one can logically assume that anyone adhering to Islam does so in opposition to representative democracy and its ideals.

While discussing the topic of people returning to their place of origin, Helen Thomas should follow her own demands. She has one of two options. First of them is for Helen Thomas to leave the United States to go back to Lebanon, the place of her parents' birth. Otherwise, she must return to her other homeland where she was better suited in her role of hostess of "Tales from the Crypt".