Saturday, September 15, 2012

Call for Vengeance

The most recent acts of jihad against the United States should obliterate any lingering reluctance to admit the Islamic war against the United States of America. Double-talking Mohamadans and traitorous apologists for Islam inside American borders have spent the past eleven years since the jihadist attacks on the eleventh of September of 2001 obfuscating and lying about the inherent malignancy of Islam and its enmity toward the Free World, especially its most powerful member. Outrageously, far too many Americans have fallen for the barrage of Islamic propaganda. Sadly, more have forgotten about the day when jihadis murdered thousands of their countrymen and women plus all the jihadist atrocities committed since that day. 

The useful idiots in the American media have been attempting to blame the outburst of jihad due to a film critical of Islam. The Mohamadan-coddling talking heads have elevated this totalitarian ideology and the criminal who created above any criticism or skepticism. Even if the savages who attacked the American diplomatic outposts did so due to their hypersensitivity to any exposure of the ugly truth of Islam and its fabricator, that holds zero relevancy. If feeling insulted by a work of art, no matter the medium or level of artistry, gives license to murder, rape and destroy, then Americans have more than sufficient cause for storming embassies of Islamic countries, killing their staffs, ripping down their flags and replacing them with banners displaying slogans of freedom.

The American people must demand immediate reactions by their government. All aid to Islamic regimes must end now. Money sent to the countries that harbor and support jihadis only provides succor to those who seek our capitulation and destruction. All embassies and consulates must be rendered as secure as fortresses. Sizeable detachments of Marines or others armed and trained in security have to be assigned to every facility. These detachments must be armed to the teeth with standing orders to kill any barbarians attempting to enter the compounds. Failing those security measures, then the outposts must be closed. For the American government to maintain diplomatic installations in hostile countries without the utmost of security reeks of suicidal naïveté at a minimum. Actually, refusal to harden embassies and consulates hints at complicity with Islamists’ wishes for easy targets representing the United States at which they can vent their never-ending rage.

For the long term, the United States must gird itself for a new Cold War. Islamists repeatedly reveal their malevolent intentions toward us, both in hostile speeches and criminal actions. The American people must recognize both those inside the Islamic bloc and those who have infiltrated our country from that entity as our enemies. All American businesses must be withdrawn from these cesspools. A ban on American-based airlines flying into those hostile states and any flights arriving from the same must be implemented. Any imports from the Islamic bloc must be forbidden, as should be any American exports to that group of oppressive regimes. In short, any economic interaction with Mohamadans will benefit the enemies of the United States to the detriment of Americans and their allies.

Individuals in the United States and the rest of the Free World can also take proactive economic measures against those who wish to destroy their societies. As the criminal conviction of the Holy Land Foundation demonstrated, Mohamadans within our borders send funds to support terrorists through mosks and other fronts for Islamic domination. Considering the common practice of Mohamadans in the Free World to donate their money in support of jihadis, a boycott of all Mohamadan-owned businesses must begin. The purchase of goods or services from Mohamadans underwrites future acts of violence directed at civilized people. Additionally, employers must not hire Mohamadans, thus providing them with income, which they can funnel to jihadis. Only a total cessation of financial transactions with Mohamadans can stanch the lifeblood, which nourishes the cancer known as Islam and its malignant tumors known as jihadis.

The term “Sharia-creep” describes the various means by which Islamists stealthily infect unwitting minds in the Free World. Therefore, we must confront the useful idiots who try to legitimize Islamization. These include agricultural companies placating Mohamadans by conforming to halal standards of brutally torturing animals. Additionally, civilized people must withdraw all funds and investments in financial institutions that offer interest-free loans to Mohamadans. Also, any businesses that cave into demands of Mohamadan employees should also be boycotted.  Some examples of such cowardice include the wearing of Islamic misogynistic items such as head-rags or shrouds as well as time away from work for bowing down to the rock in Mecca. Any enterprises that kowtow to Mohamadans must face retaliation for their abetting of the scourge of our society.

Civilized people can help wage the war of ideas against Islam. Parents must stand up to schools’ white-washing of Islam’s legacy of oppression and violence in classes and in textbooks. All Americans must challenge the Mohamadan-coddlers in the media when their reports obfuscate or deny the Islamic basis for acts of terrorism and criminality. Any attempt to construct or convert an existing building into a mosk, madrassa or any other structure for the propagation of Islam must be prevented. Such buildings act as indoctrination centers of impressionable youth and gullible converts to groom future Islamists and raise support for the imposition of Islam.

Finally, we in the Free World must change our collective mindset. Far too many have hesitated to acknowledge openly that Islamists have declared war on us. Refusal to identify with complete honesty the ideology of the enemy has hampered our effort. The knee-jerk additions of the term “radical” to Islamists who are clearly adhering to Islamic scriptures give credence to Islamic disinformation that Islam is peaceful, righteous and misunderstood. Those who follow the dictates and examples of Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever), the inventor of Islam, are not “radical”, at least not in their practice of Islam. Those savages emulate the words and deeds of the criminal who started their cult. Did anyone refer to those killing Americans during the Second World War as “radical Nazis” as though some “moderate Nazis” existed and meant no harm to Americans? Devotees to totalitarian ideologies such as Nazism and Islam pattern themselves on the evil examples set forth by the malevolent originators.  Regardless of naïve outsiders unwilling to believe that anyone would imitate the crimes and psychoses of either Hitler or Mohamad (MHBHF), the reality is that an alarming number of sheeple have done so and continue to do so. The sooner that residents in the Free World admit those facts, the quicker effective counter-offensives can begin in earnest.

Equally, civilized people are generally too impatient to commit to vanquishing the latest manifestation of totalitarianism to threaten our society. This struggle will endure far longer than did the Second World War and likely longer than the Cold War. Islamists have infiltrated our borders by the millions in addition to co-opting the minds of hundreds of millions of brainwashed members of their cult, if not more. Victory of civilization over this barbarism requires more than simply killing jihadis or destroying their infrastructure. The ultimate defeat of Islam will occur when its poisonous ideals have been rejected around the world then this totalitarian plague ends up on the trash heap of history.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arab Spring Will Trigger Ramabomb Explosions

With the start of Ramabomb, the Free World should increase its security measures in light of Mohamadans’ habit of escalating their usual level of violence to higher frequencies with more deadly consequences. The jihadist bombing of a bus of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last week foreshadows the renewed tradition of savagery during the month considered sacred on the Islamic calendar. While bracing themselves for the inevitable jihadist attacks, civilized people should also take stock of events since Ramabomb ended last year.

Outbreaks of jihadist insurgencies have led to the fall of a handful of oppressive though not explicitly theocratic regimes within the Islamic bloc. In Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt & Libya, autocratic governments have collapsed in the face of an Islamic tsunami. Future waves of this storm threaten to devastate Syria, Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Algeria. 

The authoritarian yet not overtly Islamic regimes have given way to power grabs by Islamists. The most populous nation in the Middle East, Egypt, has succumbed to the Moslem Brotherhood. The appearance of a fully enshrouded wife of the newly elected president serves as a harbinger of further oppression of the perennial targets of Islamists: women and non-Mohamadans. Jihadis have ramped up attacks on churches and the Christians inside them since the collapse of Mubarak’s government.
The Free World has no reason to favor blindly the widespread discontent leading to toppling of governments throughout the Middle East. The unrest in Iran appeared on its face as opposition to the Islamic oligarchy. However, the demonstrators were not demanding freedom from the foreign ideology imposed on their ancestors by Arab armies centuries ago. The crowds did not storm and destroy mosks, madrassas or other edifices of Islam as Islamists did to symbols of Persian civilization and modernity in general erected during the Shah’s reign. They merely demanded the ouster of the current occupants in the seats of power.  Calls for a less brutal dictator in Iran do not equate to desire for liberty. 

If someone needs a concrete example of how a country can devolve to a full- fledged totalitarian state with Islam as its sole basis for power, a look at Iran over the course of the past 35 yrs is required. Iran, like Egypt, is a highly populated and predominantly Islamic nation. However, a significant presence of other ideologies has existed in these two places. Both were headed by an autocratic who was outwardly friendly toward the Free World. Sadly, in the cases of these two significant members of the Islamic bloc, the United States’ governmental policy turned against its erstwhile allies against Islamists in favor of rebels who soon displayed their Islamist loyalties. 

Some glimmers of hope have occurred despite rising tide of Islamization. The secession of South Sudan struck a blow for freedom against the cesspool of merciless jihadis ruling the northern portion of Sudan.  The National Forces Alliance, a political party seemingly non-Islamist, won a plurality of parliamentary seats. The NFA grabbed more than twice as many seats in elections this month than did the Moslem Brotherhood’s party and another Islamist group in the forefront of toppling Kadaffy’s regime. Moncef Marzouki, the newly elected president of Tunisia, has openly pushed for a secular republic without a constitution not based on Sharia. In Algeria, the National Liberation Front, a mostly non-Islamist party comprised of supporters of the military-run regime, secured nearly a majority of seats in parliamentary elections in May. 

Unfortunately, even apparent victories against the further encroachment of Islam seem tenuous or fleeting. The fragile South Sudanese government will not be able to hold off continued attacks by jihadis without significant aid, military and humanitarian, from the Free World. Also, the National Forces Alliance in Libya, despite the reputation as an alternative to Islamic parties, has stated its desire for Sharia to serve as the basis of the country’s laws. Marzouki’s hopes for a secular republic depend on the sizeable group of Tunisian Islamists’ refraining from seizing power then imposing a theocracy when future elections go against their wishes. Algerian elections have had weak turnouts so the results provide little legitimacy for the non-theocratic government among the populace. Throughout history, Islamists have not graciously accepted others’ refusal to submit to their totalitarian ideology and cede power to those rejecting Islamic supremacy. No one should remain under any delusions that any country within the Islamic bloc will transition smoothly or rapidly into a republic dedicated to economic and social freedoms. 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Than Words Needed

This week, two media reports grabbed my attention. On Monday, Dennis Prager’s mentioning on his radio show of the bombing of a church in Khartoum reminded me of the ongoing jihad by the Sudanese Islamists against non-Mohamadans within their borders. This Islamic aggression also continues against those in the newly created refuge called South Sudan. As I searched for more details, I recalled other such efforts to eradicate any Christians in Irak, Pakistan, Egypt and other places within the Islamic bloc during the most recent years.

The previous day, 60 Minutes whitewashed the on-going jihad against Christians in the territories of Samaria and Judea. This farcical piece of video insinuated that Israeli security measures are causing the diminution of the Christian population in Nazareth, in Bethlehem and in other noteworthy towns. However, the reporter, Bob Simon, mentioned the increase in the Mohamadan population in those same locations. Either by cerebral failure or willful negligence, this report omitted any reference to the frequent vandalism and assaults committed by Mohamadans against Christian targets under the jurisdiction of the Philistine Authority, not areas controlled by the Israelis. Therefore, the possibility that Arab Christians are fleeing persecution by Islamists was never considered or investigated.

Christians have suffered as jihadis have swarmed to Irak and Afghanistan to fight against the armed forces of civilized countries. The toppling of autocratic but not strictly Islamic regimes in Tunisia, Irak and Egypt have created opportunities for Islamic factions to implement persecution of Christians along with other elements of Sharia. Instead of American and other coalition members stopping jihadis from attacking Christians and others resisting Sharia-creep, these forces stand by while supposedly friendly new governments oppress those minorities or least turn a blind eye toward the burning of churches, binges of rape of Christian girls and other atrocities committed by mobs of Mohamadans.
As little as the deployment of armed forces of the Free World have done to protect Christian minorities, their presence may be forestalling more ghastly fates. Once those military operations end, the jihadis will be able to steer all of their efforts toward the extermination of Christians. It seems that nothing will stop their mission to eradicate non-Mohamadans just as previous totalitarians did to the Jews within the Islamic bloc starting in the 1940s.

Far too often the responses of Christians consists of hand wringing and calls for prayer. Of what value are those to people being robbed, raped or murdered with survivors fleeing for their lives? Frankly, those are excuses for non-involvement to assuage the sense of guilt of those living comfortably in the Civilized World. They involve no risk nor demand any exertion. Islamic persecution requires a potent antidote for it eradication.
Granted, a small number of Christians such as Voice of the Martyrs, Barnaba’s Fund and Samaritan’s Purse have ventured into enemy territory to provide food, shelter and other sustenance to refugees. However, they reacted to victimization that should never have been allowed to occur. If Christians were not defenseless and passive in the face of armed and ruthless jihadis, the need for restorative aid would be diminished. Generosity to help rebuild churches and schools destroyed by jihadis is wasted if no measures to prevent future attacks are taken.

Those within the Free World may be tempted to rely on their governments to halt the oppression of Christians and others with the Islamic bloc. An example of this hope lies in the Truman Doctrine, which provided American aid to people resisting Marxist subjugation. Later, the Reagan Doctrine mandated assistance to those already under Marxist oppression seeking to topple their subjugators. The same level of commitment should be applied to combat another manifestation of totalitarianism. Unfortunately, very few politicians in the various governments of the Civilized World dare to criticize any aspect of Islam. For anyone in a high ranking position of power to call openly for the defeat of Islam then initiate significant measures to accomplish that goal seems improbable at best.

Therefore, I will risk the inevitable condemnation from Islamists, apologists for Islam and bystanders indifferent to the menace of Islamization. Sympathetic words and modest efforts to assist the victims of jihad must also include willingness to protect the victims from more attacks. This aid must include means for freedom-loving people to counteract the violence of jihadis. Stated bluntly, the Civilized World must fund those resisting Islamic encroachment and those wishing to liberate themselves from Islamic regimes, including military assistance. Islamists, just as adherents to other totalitarian ideologies, believe that they are entitled to impose their will on the rest of the world, by force if opponents resist. If those in opposition lack equipment, training and other essentials to strike back at jihadis, then totalitarians will obliterate liberty and those who value it as happened in Europe in the 1940s.

Will Christians across different nations join forces regardless of the foreign and domestic policies of their homelands? Can various denominations set aside theological disagreements in face of a common enemy? Are Christians willing to spend their money and risk their lives to counter the violent oppression committed by jihadis? Have the dervishes of political correctness browbeaten civilized people into accepting any resistance to Islamic persecution equates to racism? As those in the Free World dither and debate, the jihad slithers onward, crushing those favoring representative democracy, equality of all peoples and freedom in general while drawing a pall over the lands, which it has subjugated. Free World must unite and overcome Islam before Islamists drag all of humanity into the abyss of a new and more sinister Dark Age.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unfriendly Reminder about Islam

Islamists are engaging in their latest round of exposure of the true nature of their ideology. Despite the efforts of Islamic infiltrators and their useful idiots in the media and academia, jihadis have ratcheted up a new round of violence in accordance with the Koran and other Islamic texts. This outbreak of jihad spans the entire Islamic bloc.

In Iran, the theocrats in charge of that totalitarian cesspool are on the verge of executing Youcef Nadarkhani for renouncing Islam and converting to Christianity. Where are the criminal coddlers who protest outside American prisons whenever an inmate is about to face ultimate justice? Apparently, they only oppose the death penalty for murder. Hanging for apostasy from Islam does not seem to bother those hypocrites.

President Obama expressed sorrow over the burning of a Koran used as a conduit for communication among jihadis in detention. Why no equal level of outrage over the murders of four Americans by savages in Afghanistan in response to this trifling incident? Do Obama and his cult of personality feel that those deaths were warranted for simply burning a book? Why did the President not apologize for the incineration of Bibles by American personnel in Afghanistan in 2009? Does he think that torching Christian holy books is acceptable but not permissible treatment of Islamic scriptures? Perhaps Obama will bow down to Afghan leader Karzai in an act of contrition before their next meeting in the same manner in which he did in front of the Saudi king.

In Egypt, Islamists continue their campaign of church burnings, rapes, assaults and other violent crimes directed at the Coptic Christian minority. In response, President Obama sought an increase of foreign aid to Egypt to fund a government being infiltrated by Islamists. An ex-Mohamadan turned Christian, Maher el-Gohary, and his daughter Dina personally appealed to the President of the United States to protect their lives from threats by Islamists demanding their execution for apostasy. They received an indifferent response from Obama. Are their lives worth less than a Koran? Is Obama willing to ignore the extermination of Egyptian Christians in order to appease the Moslem Brotherhood and other Islamists?

What is necessary for the entire Free World to unite and confront the Islamic menace? Are daily images of victims brutalized by jihadis capable of piercing the blinders of indifference surrounding a sizeable portion of the population of the United States, Europe and elsewhere? One has to wonder how much more carnage must jihadis inflict and how much more insanity must Islamists spew before all free people mobilize against the Islamic onslaught.