Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unfriendly Reminder about Islam

Islamists are engaging in their latest round of exposure of the true nature of their ideology. Despite the efforts of Islamic infiltrators and their useful idiots in the media and academia, jihadis have ratcheted up a new round of violence in accordance with the Koran and other Islamic texts. This outbreak of jihad spans the entire Islamic bloc.

In Iran, the theocrats in charge of that totalitarian cesspool are on the verge of executing Youcef Nadarkhani for renouncing Islam and converting to Christianity. Where are the criminal coddlers who protest outside American prisons whenever an inmate is about to face ultimate justice? Apparently, they only oppose the death penalty for murder. Hanging for apostasy from Islam does not seem to bother those hypocrites.

President Obama expressed sorrow over the burning of a Koran used as a conduit for communication among jihadis in detention. Why no equal level of outrage over the murders of four Americans by savages in Afghanistan in response to this trifling incident? Do Obama and his cult of personality feel that those deaths were warranted for simply burning a book? Why did the President not apologize for the incineration of Bibles by American personnel in Afghanistan in 2009? Does he think that torching Christian holy books is acceptable but not permissible treatment of Islamic scriptures? Perhaps Obama will bow down to Afghan leader Karzai in an act of contrition before their next meeting in the same manner in which he did in front of the Saudi king.

In Egypt, Islamists continue their campaign of church burnings, rapes, assaults and other violent crimes directed at the Coptic Christian minority. In response, President Obama sought an increase of foreign aid to Egypt to fund a government being infiltrated by Islamists. An ex-Mohamadan turned Christian, Maher el-Gohary, and his daughter Dina personally appealed to the President of the United States to protect their lives from threats by Islamists demanding their execution for apostasy. They received an indifferent response from Obama. Are their lives worth less than a Koran? Is Obama willing to ignore the extermination of Egyptian Christians in order to appease the Moslem Brotherhood and other Islamists?

What is necessary for the entire Free World to unite and confront the Islamic menace? Are daily images of victims brutalized by jihadis capable of piercing the blinders of indifference surrounding a sizeable portion of the population of the United States, Europe and elsewhere? One has to wonder how much more carnage must jihadis inflict and how much more insanity must Islamists spew before all free people mobilize against the Islamic onslaught.