Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feeding the Crocodile

President Obama’s decision to aid Arabs in the Gaza Strip has raised a huge cause for concern. Robert Wood, Acting Spokesman of Public Affairs for the United States Department of State, stated on February 10, 2009 that the federal government has already provided nearly sixty million dollars worth of aid to occupants of the territory. ( This aid will bolster members of Hamas and those who support that jihadist group. A clear thinking person must ask why would Obama help those who are overwhelmingly adherents to an ideology hostile to the U.S.A.

Obama, like other socialists around the world, displays knee jerk reactions when he views the ongoing tension between the Israelis and Arabs. He lapses into the template of sympathizing with “the blameless, impoverished people of color” who are in a continual state of conflict with the “technologically advanced, inherently evil white people”. Of course, the presence of tens of thousands of black Israelis who were airlifted out of Ethiopia in 1984 is never factored into the estimation. Additionally, the fact that Arabs are also Caucasian is conveniently ignored, lest the politically correct lenses shatter under the weight of reality. The hand-wringers in the Obama administration and Obamaniacs everywhere turn a “visually-impaired” eye toward the repeated violent provocations by the Arabs to launch attacks on Israelis. These incitements include missile launchings to strike targets with no military value in Israel. One should not forget about the Arab practice of sneaking brain-washed recruits with fantasies of an afterlife in an eternal whorehouse into Israeli to blow themselves up in order to murder as many Israeli civilians as possible in the process. The useful idiots supporting the Gazans have displayed a Herculean effort in propping up their flimsy and false archetype regarding who act as the true villains in this conflict.

Does Obama hope that aiding the Arabs in Gaza will win over some Islamists into loving the United States or, at least, hating the U.S.A. less? How many of these that he seeks to help were among the throngs of Mohamadans dancing and chanting in the streets upon hearing about the jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the thousands of Americans who had been killed? Does he think that the same people who direct so much vitriol towards the U.S.A. for toppling totalitarian regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan will suddenly experience a 180 degree turn in their disposition toward Americans? If he possesses as much knowledge about Islam as he has claimed, he should realize that true adherents to Islam will never love or even respect Americans until the United States submits to Islam. The most practical goal for the U.S.A. remains making Islamists fear Americans. They must be convinced that any future jihadist attacks would result in a crushing response too harsh for the Islamists to justify the initial strikes.

Is Obama betraying some secret affinity or some sympathy for Mohamadans? The Gazans are overwhelmingly adherents of Islam. This resulted from the forcible removal of Jews from the area when the Israelis vacated the territory. Additionally, a concerted jihad waged on the Christian Arab minority has driven the Christians out of the Gaza Strip. Therefore, only Mohamadans stand to benefit from Obama’s magnanimity. The years of indoctrination in an Islamic school in Indonesia during his youth have undoubtedly colored his view of Islam in a dangerously favorable light.

As Winston Churchill wisely declared, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” Apparently, Obama is nourishing the ravenous crocodile known as Hamas in the hopes that the beast will not attack him or his country. Meanwhile, his benevolence strengthens this predator. Eventually, this creature will strike Americans. When this reptile does lash out again, he will be capable of assaults since Obama’s misplaced altruism sustained the beast instead of letting him deteriorate then starve to death.


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