Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Cheers for the U.S. Navy

After too many hours of dawdling, providing sustenance to the jihadis, communicating with them and otherwise, wasting time, the U.S. Navy finally instituted a suitable response to the savages who had attacked the Maersk Alabama. Happily, the captain of the ship survived while three of his captors succumbed to simultaneous contractions of cranial lead poisoning. Unfortunately, one of barbarians fell into the custody before being sent off the Great Eternal and Celestial Whorehouse for Islamo-murderers. He will have to settle for the fawning and sympathy of the Atheists', Criminals' and Lunatics' Union and other self-loathing American useful idiots.

The United States has a history of confronting jihadis who were plundering ships flying the American flag. In the first two decades of the nineteenth century, American naval forces and members of the fledgling U.S. Marine Corps confronted North African Islamo-pirates. After continuously paying tribute to the savages of the Barbary States, the American government gradually realized that only brutal reprisals would convince the jihadis to cease the attacks. The first conflicts between Islamists and Americans can provide lessons those living in the twenty-first century.

It is incumbent upon the civilized nations of the world to muster their naval forces to crush these jihadis. Let us not repeat the same errors in judgment as those in power throughout Europe committed during the era of the Barbary States' terrorism. Instead of uniting against their mutual foe, the various Western countries rendered protection money to the savages, just as cowardly dhimmis had done when the Islamic hordes conquered new territory. These bribes happened in hopes that the Mohamadans would target the ships of other nations. Those payments, as well as modern attempts at appeasement, only embolden the thieves to raise the costs of future jizya.



Nash said...

These people understand one thign and one thing only, violence. They will not stop. Hillary, who is far less qualified than Condi.

I apologize for demeaning Condi's name in the same sentence as Hillary, but first words out of the witch's mouth is we are going after the pirate's assets.

We all know the pirate's assets are going to fund Islamic Fundamentalist Bloodletting and World Calphate. I want us to go after their asses and their assets.

It is an insult to make the SEALS wait four days and I am assured they acted unilaterally not upon the qualified acumen of prior patriotic military experience order of our Great Leader The Golden Child.

The main reason Somalia is so emboldened is because of the malfeasance of one man, who has been revered as a cult hero, and this none other than Bill Clinton. It is his inaction that allowed this enemy world wide reach and bloodletting. There was NO revulsion for the eight years Americans were slaughtered regularly, from the CIA Shooting forward.

You people keep mocking George Bush and tell us how glad you are he is gone. I promise you will regret those words. The crap has started as soon as that racist innauguration was over and it will not let up. The enemy does not care.

Propraganda from the inside by ideologically compromised politicians works, it got Obama elected and a landslide for Leftists as I predicted. You've been set up all under the guise of disdain for the far right, the supposed military industrial complex.

Now you are being told that returning veterans of combat are a threat by the same woman who wants immigration raids halted. This doesn't phase you?

Tarquin said...

Too late but it would have been fitting for all of us to have written "Jizyah" on our checks to the muslim tyrant Obama's IRS.