Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Obama's Next Vacation Destination

I am expecting to read a news report to this effect any day in the near future.

White House spokesman Jayson Blair announced today the intended destination for President Obama’s next vacation. “The President will depart from Washington and fly to Saudi Arabia with Americans of Middle Eastern origin. He intends to spend a few days in Mecca conducting meetings between his traveling companions and Islamic clergy and Saudi governmental officials.” Blair continued, “The reason for their journey to Mecca is to perform the hajj, the required pilgrimage for all adherents to Islam once in their lives.”

In response to a reporter’s questioning of why President Obama would engage in an obviously Islamic ritual, Blair replied, “The President wants to demonstrate his heartfelt adherence to Christianity while also showing the whole world his commitment to religious diversity.”

The reporter persisted, “How is the President demonstrating his Christian beliefs by performing an Islamic ritual?”

Blair declined to comment then called on another reporter.

The second reporter inquired, “Considering that Saudi Arabia bars all non-Mooslums from entering Mecca and even imprisons anyone espousing non-Islamic beliefs or possessing texts and implements used by other religions within the Saudi kingdom, how is the President’s action connected to religious diversity?”

Blair waved to members of White House security and whispered to them out of range of the microphone. The security members forcibly escorted both reporters out of the White House. Blair informed the remainder of the media, “There will be no further questions taken.”


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