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Who Is Obfuscating Sharia?

The residents of the Free World have arrived at a pivotal crossroads in the continuum of human history. However, not all members of this collective realize critical importance of their current location or even that history was ever plodding along with them included. Sadly, far too many do not realize that they find themselves at a juncture eerily similar to that of their parents and grandparents in the twentieth century.

I suspect that a majority of people living in North America and in Europe sense the menace festering within their respective countries. Certainly, only a tiny minority, just some Mohamadans and other dimwits in fact, deny the acts of war perpetrated by Mohamad Atta and his fellow hijackers in September of 2001, Nidal Malik Hassan at Fort Hood in 2009, or the jihadis’ bombings in Madrid in March of 2004 or in London in July of 2005. The recurring threats of Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, Anjem Choudary and other Islamist blowhards frequently remind anyone willing to pay attention of Islam’s malevolence. Even non-violent acts such as Feisal Abdul Rauf’s effort to build a monument to terrorism at Ground Zero grab the attention of conscientious people. However, efforts to propagate and impose Islam and its legal code, Sharia, occur in deceivingly forms hidden under condescension and dishonesty.

A recent example of the insidious efforts to camouflage the malignancy of Islam appeared on the Huffington Post website. On the third of September, 2010, Sumbul Ali-Karamali concocted a piece of Islamist disinformation entitled “Who’s Afraid of Sharia?” This authoress demonstrated takkiya, the Islamic practice of lying to infidels in order to benefit Mohamadans and their ideology, in undiluted toxicity. Besides denying the desire to spread their brand of totalitarianism which its inventor, Mohamad ibn Abdullah (May he burn in Hell forever), ordered his legions to do, she also attempted to obscure its malignancy. As Mohamad (MHBHF) declared in Koran 3:28, those following his ideology are permitted to pretend to befriend non-Mohamadans in order to avoid awakening Americans to their true intentions of eventual subjugation. The authoress certainly has adopted this advice.

This authoress claimed, “No one is advocating Sharia in the USA”. Omar M. Ahmad, founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, said, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant." He also declared, "The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America”. Is that not a sufficiently blunt statement of intent to impose Sharia from the creator of one of the foremost Islamist organization in the United States?

The takkiya continued with the statement “(T)hese six principles (of Sharia) sound a lot like those espoused in my very own Constitution of the United States. Except that these were developed over a thousand years ago.” I am compelled to shine the light of truth on these principles to expose their antithesis to the United States’ Constitution and another other document based on human rights, on the rule of law and on government based on consent of the governed.
6 principals allegedly espoused by Sharia follow below:

1.The right to the protection of life: Is she referring to the killing endorsed and practiced by Islam’s inventor? In March 624, Mo (MHBHF) recruited one of his goons to assassinate Asma bint Marwan, a poetess critical of Mohamad (MHBHF). The Mohamadan crept into her house, removed the child sleeping at her breast, drew his sword, and plunged it into her, killing her in her sleep. In April 624, Abu Afak, an elder of Medina had written a derogatory poem about Muhammad. Mo (MHBHF) asked his gang, "Who will deal with this rascal for me?" That night, one member, Salim bin Umayr, went and killed him. In September 624, Kab bin al-Ashraf, a member of the Jewish al-Nadr tribe in Medina wrote a widely circulated poem hostile to the Mohamadans. His writing recounted Mo’s (MHBHF) thugs slaughtering inhabitants of Mecca. Mohamad (MHBHF) asked, "Who would rid me of Kab?" Five Mohamadans volunteered. They informed him, "O apostle of God [Mohamad], we shall have to tell lies." He answered, "Say what you like, for you are free in the matter." Takkiya was thus born out of the lips of Islam fabricator. These examples are but a few of those who perished at the hands of Mohamad’s henchmen acting under his orders.

2.The right to the protection of family: Does she mean wife-beating and honor killing any female members who are raped? Koran Chapter 4:34 authorizes wife-beating. Mohamadan women are regularly brutalized for refusing to follow Mohamad's (May he burn in Hell forever) commandment (Koran 24:31) to cover themselves completely. Sharia relies on testimony of only male witnesses without permitting other evidence such DNA samples taken from the victim.

3.The right to the protection of education: Exceptions to this alleged right include questioning Islam and renouncing it after discovering the numerous absurdities and cruelties enshrined within the Koran and Hadiths. Examples are Mo’s (MHBHF) laughable tale about the sun setting in a muddy spring as stated in Koran 18:86 and its place of rising in 18:90. Also, Mo (MHBHF) stated that the Earth is flat in Koran verses 79:30, 21:31 20:53 and 27:61. Koran 9:11-12 states that apostates will be treated ruthlessly for leaving Islam.

4. The right to the protection of religion: Sharia imposes draconian limitations on Jews & Christians. The Islamic legal code forbids them from building new churches or synagogues or repairing such existing structures. Sharia bars those groups from openly expressing, either verbally or physically, any manifestation of their faith such as praying in public, wearing a cross or a Star of David or reading from the Bible. As Koran 9:29 mandated, Mohamadans forcibly collect protection money from conquered Jews and Christians for more than millennium. After Mohamadans had bled those groups white, the Islamic authorities seized Jewish and Christian children as slaves. Under Sharia, Mohamadans grant Jews and Christians only as much freedom of religion as parasites allow their hosts the freedom to live.

5. The right to the protection of property: Women are considered property, on par with real estate. Mohamad (MHBHF) clearly stated in Koran 2:223 that women are to be exploited for the sexual gratification of their husbands just as fields exist for the use of their owners.

As far as property belonging to non-Mohamadans, those owners have no rights under Sharia. After Islamic hordes subjugated various lands, soon after the jihadis finished with raping and robbing the inhabitants, they desecrated or destroyed churches, synagogues, temples and other similar edifices. The Islamic conquerors converted these structures into mosks or other Islamic buildings or built Islamic structures on those sites. The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople plus the Church of Saint Nicholas and the Cathedral of Saint Helen in Damascus stand out as a few examples of Mohamadans’ co-opting of non-Islamic landmarks.

6. The right to the protection of human dignity: verses belittling Jews, Christians and others. Go to Defeat the Third Jihad to read the 527 verses ( critical of and hostile toward non-Mohamadans.

This Islamist continued with these declarations, “(T)he whole body of Islamic texts, which includes the (Koran), the sayings of the Prophet, and the books of interpretive literature written by medieval Muslim scholars. The first two are considered divine.” So rantings of Mo (MHBHF) are considered divine? Mo (MHBHF) received supposed revelations that always conveniently permitted him to do whatever he wanted, whether taking his daughter-in-law for his own wife after seeing her undressing, giving him permission to have an unlimited number of wives while other men were limited to four, and increasing his share of booty stolen from people who rejected his claim to prophethood and dictatorship. Where are the accounts of eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen or heard Allah's alleged “revelations” to Mo (MHBHF)? No one else heard Mo's (MHBHF) so-called “revelations”. He claimed to be alone whenever he claimed that Allah gave him a message. That is a suspiciously convenient cover for such a huckster like Mo (MHBHF).

“No religion gets to be 1400 years old and the second largest in the world unless it's flexible and adaptable,” Ali-Karamali lied. Koran 2:2 clearly states that whatever Mo (MHBHF) said is recorded in the Koran is absolutely true and not to be doubted. Therefore, anyone remaining true to the rantings of Mo (MHBHF) must maintain that the Koran is inerrant and immutable. This authoress dishonestly declares that Islam has allows for change of its doctrines and has morphed over time. Any deviance from the littoral words of the Koran has rarely occurred and was quickly and brutally crushed by Islamists.

“(A)dultery was made such a fantastically difficult crime to prove that the punishment was impossible to apply. Historically, stoning was very rarely implemented in the Islamic world,” she denied history. As decreed by Mo (MHBHF), four witnesses needed (Koran 24:4 and 24:13 plus Hadith Bukhari 5:59:462), otherwise a raped woman accusing her victimizer incriminates herself as to having committed adultery. Koran 2:282 establishes that a woman's testimony is worth only half that of a man's in court so any “he said, she said” disputes always give a man more credibility despite any evidence to the contrary.

The dishonesty continues with her unsubstantiated claim that “(t)he vast majority of Muslims today do not believe in stoning people for adultery.” Says who? Has this authoress conducted a comprehensive survey of Mohamadans’ views of Koran-based executions of those accused of adultery? If so, then she must publish them. Otherwise, she is merely spouting baseless propaganda of Islam’s apologists.

“As for other scary stories attributed to (Sharia), like honor killings, veiling of women, and female genital cutting, these are cultural practices and not Islamic,” denies this authoress. Mohamadan women are regularly brutalized for refusing to follow Mohamad's (May he burn in Hell forever) commandment in Koran 24:31 to cover themselves completely. According to the Hadith of Umm Atiyyah, Mohamad (MHBHF) stated that the cutting of female genitals is acceptable. In Koran 24:2, Mo (MHBHF) mandated flogging for those accused of fornication. The Hadith of Sahi Muslim No. 4206 outlines Mohamad (MHBHF) ordering the execution by stoning of a woman who admitted to adultery. Under Sharia, women receive only half a share of inheritance (Koran 4:11) and their testimony is worth only half of that from a man (Koran 2:282). Hadith of Sahih Bukhari,Volume 3, Book 48, Number 826 derides women’s intelligence, thus supporting the misogynistic elements of Islamic laws.

Ali-Karamali denies reality in her statement, “(Sharia) is a set of religious principles and is not the law of the land anywhere in the world.” Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan govern with Sharia as the sole legal code within their borders. The unfortunate citizens of those countries must adhere to the dictates of Mo (MHBHF) or else face the punishments ordered by the inventor of Islam.

She blatantly lied, “the Prophet himself never tried to implement an ‘Islamic state,’ " Mo (MHBHF) was the dictator of Medina and later the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. His pronouncements were the law which he fabricated and abrogated whenever the whim struck him. His unquestionable orders were codified into what we now call Sharia.

The authoress ignored historical evidence in claiming “(t)raditionally, in the Islamic world, the institutions that governed were always separate from the institutions that developed religion.” Mo’s succeeding caliphates were all absolute overlords in all matters, religious and political. Whatever fiat that they decreed, was an order which no one could challenge without risking his or her life.

She persisted with the takkiya such as “every Islamic empire was a multi-religious, multicultural empire, in which religious minorities were governed by their own laws.” Jews & Christians had odious restrictions and mandates hoisted on them for refusing to convert to Islam. I refer her to my response to the fourth tenet of Sharia. Jews and Christians could not proselytize to Mohamadans. Mohamadans were forbidden to renounce Islam without facing execution.

“In fact, Islam contains plenty of concepts consistent with modern democracy,” Ali-Karamali laughably wrote without providing a shred of evidence to support this absurd claim. Representative democracy is the complete antithesis of Islam. No one was allowed to vote to overturn any of Mo’s (MHBHF) dictates or remove him from his self-appointed position of “prophet”. The same autocratic standards applied under the absolute dictators who followed Mo (MHBHF) as “caliphs”. Under a modern democracy, a government derives its power from the consent of the citizens through elections. Under Islam, governance is based on the whimsical rantings of one megalomaniac which are not open to alteration or abolition.

“The (Koran) contains many verses advocating religious tolerance,” spewed this Islamist in hopes of deceiving those ignorant of the entire Koran. Those few verses of apparent tolerance occurred when Mo (MHBHF) and his cult were a weak minority in Mecca. After seizing power in Medina and amassing a massive army, he abrogated those verses and replaced them anti-Jewish, Christophobic and otherwise violently hostile rantings. Among the last orders from Mo (MHBHF) include this verse, "Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given (Jews and Christians).until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Koran 9:29)

Despite clear contradictions located in the Koran, the authoress spewed “(i)t is established in Islam that you don't need to be Muslim to go to heaven.” I quote the Koran: "The only true faith in God's sight is Islam." (3:19) "It is He who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the true Faith [(Islam) to make it triumphant over all religions, however much the idolaters (non-Mohamadans) may dislike it." (9:31). Koran 4:47 commands Jews and Christians to believe Mo’s (MHBHF) ideology or they will be destroyed.

She deceptively offered, “The only verses about fighting in the (Koran) refer specifically to the polytheistic Arab tribes who were trying to kill the Prophet in the (seven)th century.” I refer her to my response to the first tenet of Sharia. In those three examples, Mo (MHBHF) ordered murders of poets simply for composing verses critical of Mohamad (MHBHF), not for threatening his life. Mo (MHBHF) urged murder of his enemies in Koranic verses 2:244, 2:191, 2:216, 4:76, 4:89, 5:33, 9:5, 9:73, 9:111 and 9:123

This Islamist spewed more lies, “the (Koran) repeatedly commands particular respect of Jews and Christians. It is established in Islam that you don't need to be Muslim to go to heaven.” A blatant lie since 9:29 specifically calls for fighting and subjugating Jews and Christians. The next verse erroneously accuses Jews of claiming that Ezra is the son of God. Due to this supposed sin of Jews and Christians declaring that God has a son, Mo (MHBHF) pronounced in 3:151 that Allah will terrorize them. Koran (5:59-60) says the “People of the Bible” are descended from apes and pigs. The Hadith of Ishaq:250 supports this claim. Koran 59:14 reads "The Jews are devoid of sense. There is a grievous punishment awaiting them. Satan tells them not to believe so they will end up in Hell." Hadith Bukhari (59:727) indicates "Allah's curse be on the Jews and the Christians" was among Mo’s (MHBHF) final words before his death. Ishaq 240 quotes Mo (MHBHF) "The Jews are a nation of liars” and “The Jews are a treacherous, lying, and evil people" Koran 3:118, 5:51, 80 and 3:28 plus Hadiths Ishaq:364, and Hadith of Ishaq:262 forbids befriending Jews and Christians and threaten damnation for Mohamadans who do so. Hadith of Tabari VIII:130 details "The Messenger said during his final illness, 'Two religions cannot coexist in the Arabian Peninsula.' Umar investigated the matter, then sent to the Jews, saying: 'Allah has given permission for you to be expelled; for I have received word that the Prophet said that two religions cannot coexist in Arabia." Koran 98:1 "Surely the unbelievers and idolaters from the People of the Book will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures." She must expect that no Jew or Christian would ever try to verify her patently false utterances.

“Repeating a lie over and over again doesn't make it true; but it certainly results in people believing the lie,” the authoress concluded. Finally, something uttered by this authoress which contains any truth. She is following example of her fellow Islamists who engage of repeated spewing of disinformation to shroud the truly violent, misogynistic and oppressive cornerstones of Islam. Like their fellow advocate of a species of totalitarianism, Joseph Goebbels stated, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.


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