Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Messages from a Mohamadan in Spain

Last week, I received a message from a particularly idiotic Mohamadan who is a member of the occupation of Spain. I am posting his drivel and my replies. I have not altered anything which he or I wrote other to translate them into English:

Bilal Borras Navarro September 2 at 1:14pm
"no hay nada más atrevido que la ignorancia. Ni todos los marroquis son musulmanes ni todos los españoles son católicos"
"there is nothing more daring than ignorance. Not all Moroccans are Muslims and not all are Catholic Spanish"

My reply on September 2 at 1:32pm
"What is the point of your message? I never said anything about all Moroccans being Mohamadans or all Spanish being Catholic. There is nothing more suicidally asinine than a resident of the Free World apologizing for Islam."

From Bilal Borras Navarro on September 3 at 9:51am
yo no hago apología del Islam, y soy musulman, y español como el que más. ERES RACISTA, entonces?
"I make no apology for Islam, and I am Muslim, and Spanish as they come. YOU ARE RACIST, then?"

From me on September 4 at 9:04am:
"Provide one example of my alleged racism! You Mohamadans falsely accuse anyone who criticizes your totalitarian ideology of racism. Since you are obviously not smart enough to figure this out on your own, I will spell it out for you. ISLAM IS NOT A RACE!

"You are a disgrace to the memory of the millions of Spaniards who suffered for centuries under Islamic tyranny and oppression!"

From Bilal Borras Navarro on September 5 at 6:00am:
"es verdad,era mejor la Santa Inquisicion, si pensabas de otra forma ibas a la hoguera, asi conquistamos las Americas y los Ingleses el resto del mundo. IMPONIENDO NUESTRA VERDAD, LA VERDADERA. TODOS IRAN AL CIELO POR SUS BUENAS ACCIONES. VERDAAAAAD????
Gracias a la cultura de otras naciones las matematicas, la agricultura, la astrofisica, la astronomia, y otras ciencias que ahora consideramos nuestras seguirian en el olvido y seguiriamos pensando que la Tierra es plana, es lo que pensaba el Cristianismo, les debes tanto que os da miedo admitirlo"

"is true, the Holy Inquisition was better, if you thought otherwise were going to the bonfire, so we conquer the Americas and the English the rest of the world. Impose our TRUE, TRUE. ALL go to heaven for good deeds. VERDAAAAAD?? Thanks to the culture of other nations in math, agriculture, astrophysics, astronomy and other sciences that we now consider our would follow into oblivion and continue to feel that the earth is flat, it's what I thought Christianity , we must therefore admit that I'm afraid"

My response on September 7 at 11:42pm:
"So you prefer the centuries of Islamic relegation of others to third class status, forced to pay protection money, called jizya, to their Mohamadan oppressors or face death or enslavement? So you agree with Sharia-based injunctions against non-Mohamadans reciting their scriptures aloud, ringing bells, wearing identifiable symbols of their differing religions and any other manifestations of pride and fealty to other faiths? Do you support Islamic mandates to destroy churches, temples and other non-Islamic structures or else, forcibly seize them then convert into mosks, madrassas or other Islamic buildings? The violent and oppressive elements of the Spanish Inquisition have no basis for support within Christian scriptures, canonical or apocryphal. In contrast, the Koran and Hadiths openly mandate the murder, robbery, rape and enslavement of those who disagree with Mohamad's (May he burn in Hell forever) totalitarian lunacy.

"In referencing the Spanish and English colonization, you conveniently ignore the Islamic conquest and subjugation of huge swaths of territory in Europe, Africa and Asia. Mohamadans killed or enslaved millions of Christians and others for more than a millennium. All these atrocities occurred with the blessing of the criminal who fabricated your ideology.

"As your spouting of that Islamic fallacy about Christianity supporting the idea of a 'flat Earth', name any verse in the Bible which states that error.

"In contrast, Mohamad (MHBHF) clearly exposed his erroneous belief that the Earth is flat. In Koran 18:86, he describes someone traveling to the place where the sun sets. In 18:90, he mentions someone traveling to where the Sun rises. Koran 36:37-38 and the Hadith by Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 421 confirms Mo's (MHBHF) absurd error on what happens to the sun when it "sets". Only an ignorant savage would think that a person find such a place considering that the setting of the Sun is merely the Earth rotating away from the Sun, not a place at the end of a flat surface where the Sun disappears.

"In three different Koranic verses (verses 20:55, 2:20 and 71:18-19), Mo (MHBHF) claimed that Allah spread out the Earth like a carpet. That is not possible considering that the Earth is a sphere which has no flat surface. In four different passages of the Koran (31:9, 16:15, 78:6-7, 21:32 Mo (MHBHF) stated that mountains are needed to keep the Earth pinned down so it will not roll up like a scroll would. In Koran verses 20:53, 43:10, 78:6 and 79:30, Mo (MHBHF) said that Allah spread out the Earth like a bed, an obvious flat surface.

"I see that you have already proceeded to the next page of the script of Islamic disinformation. I challenged you to name any proof of my supposed racism. Of course, you cannot since I never made any statements regarding race. You then jumped to the Islamic fallacy of the supposed infallibility of the Koran and its creator, Mohamad ibn Abdullah (MHBHF). I am sure that you will turn to the last page of the Mohamadan playbook for your next message to me: baseless insults and threats of violence toward me and my family.

"So what attracts you to Islam? Do you like beating women and treating them like mere property to use for your own sexual gratification? Do you enjoy having sex with a pre-pubescent girl just like Mo (MHBHF) did? Are you looking forward to killing some non-Mohamadans so you can spend eternity in an orgy?"

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