Wednesday, February 11, 2009

French Collaboration, 21st Century Style

A small but significant percentage of the French population actively collaborated with the Nazi authorities following France's capitulation to Germany in 1940. These traitors included police officers who hunted down Jews and others who openly opposed to the fascist regime and sent them to the death camps. Sadly, this shamefully practice of acquiescing to totalitarians has experienced a renaissance in France.

As reported by the television network, France 2, ( on its 8 PM news broadcast on February 11, the French government requested that the Catholic University of Paris set up training for "Imams of the Republic". This program includes four hundred hours of classes including law, history and religion. The justification for this certification was stated as the government's need for representatives considered as "legitimate" by the "faithful", meaning Mohamedans in France. These representatives supposedly will become dedicated to French values of liberty, equality, fraternity and secularism. Apparently, non-Mohamedan officers lack the acumen to halt the practice of torching cars and of vandalizing businesses whenever the Mohamedans feel slighted by some cartoons or one of the own is injured or killed while committing criminal acts. Most egregious of all is the traitorous complicity of this Catholic university with the same savages who would eliminate it under a revived caliphate. Obviously, kowtowing to Islamists trumps any commitment to avoid church-state interactions.

The report features a graduate of the program, Mohamed Ali Bouharb, the first leader of "Moslem harmony" within the police department. He claimed that the text of the Koran has different contexts in different societies. He made such a statement either out of utter ignorance or deliberate dishonesty since the Koran clearly states that Islam must reign over the entire world with uniformity and opposes factionalism or dissension. Islamists vehemently object to the translation of the Koran from its seventh century Arabian Peninsular dialect into any other languages; how could anyone honestly believe that Islam can be molded into varying forms to fit into different societies?

The commitment to a Frenchified, secular role for this officer and other government-trained Islamic clerics seems absurd, at best. He claims commitment to secularism while proudly showing off the crescent moon on his uniform hat. Displayed very prominently in his office at his workplace, one can see a prayer rug laid on the floor and a Koran on his desk. Hypocritically, the French government baned the wearing of Islamic head-rags in public schools since they were labelled as "distracting". In contrast, this governmental employee is permitted to openly flaunt his Islamic affiliation and received taxpayer-funded training related to Islam. Granted that the head-rags stand out as an obvious sign of the repressive nature of Islam yet the adolescent girls wearing them were unlikely to carry firearms and certainly lacked the power to arrest anyone. This officer would have both the weapons and the cover of legal authority in his arsenal to threaten someone critical of Islam.

Where is Charles Martel when France desperately needs him again? Hopefully, his spirit of resistance will imbue someone with the courage to resist this and all other forms of Sharia-creep. Otherwise, France will continue to slide into the abyss of Islamification.


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