Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bridges to Truth about Islamic Marriage

Muzzammil Hassan unwittingly undermined the disinformation spewed forth by Bridges TV, his television station. His actions demonstrated the truth of the repressive and violent basis of Islamic marriages. Hassan's brutal treatment of his wife stands as just another tragic example in a historical legacy of Islam's misogyny, both verbal and physical. Whether the tales involve women resisting Islamic marriages or attempting to escape from them, sadly the fate of a woman is all too often the same: viciously violent death, usually at the hands of their husband or of her blood relatives.

These unions result from fathers arranging marriages for their daughters to the highest bidder or to whomever the father wants influence in future considerations. Marriage exists as a formal declaration of dominion of a man over a woman. It merely announces that a woman has submitted to the control of her husband and what compensation her father gained for relinquishing his authority over her. No thought is given to the "decadent, infidel notions" of "mutual respect", "consent", "romantic love" or "reciprocated affinity".

Why would Mohamadans hold any of those ideals with any esteem? After all, their namesake and role-model certainly did not. His early marriages to wealthy widows resulted from the need to indulge in his gold-digging urges. His later marriage to Aisha, a nine year girl, fed his pedophiliac desires. He collected numerous wives with casual avarice, only concerned with how his possession of them would satisfy his whims. A co-equal and monogamous relationship with a woman would have been viewed as an anathama to Mohamed ibn Abdullah just as representative democracy, use of underarm deodorant and daily bathing are to Islamists.



Akmar said...

With the name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I think u got ur fact wrong.
You see, although some marriages in Islam ara arranged but the bride have control over it.
She may cancel the wedding if she dislikes the marriage and she'll even be given compensation.
Need to be reminded as well, not all arranged marriages in Islam is not agreed by the bride.
As for your comment on Prophet Muhammad's marriage to Aisha when she was 9 years old, he did not have any intercourse with her until she was mature enough. Not to forget, a 9 year-old girl at that time was not like our 9 year-old girl now.
At that time, a 15 year old boy (i'm talking abt Saidina Ali) is already an admiral at war.
That shows just how the kids mature at young age.
Furthermore, Prphet Muhammad p.b.u.h. did not marry for sex as most of his later wives are widows and single mothers who lost their husbands in war.
This is to take care of the women's right.

I'm a muslim girl, and i'm talking from my own point of view.
May you get what i'm trying to say here.

Charles Kastriot said...

You are the misinformed one in this debate. Review the numerous hadiths that clearly state Mohamad (May he burn in hell forever) DID engage in sexual intercourse with Aisha when she was nine years old. Here is a link to read them yourself:

Also, do not fall for the Islamic propaganda attempting to excuse Mohamad's (May he burn in hell forever) pedophilia. A nine year old girl in seventh century Arabia was, in fact, less likely to have experienced the first menses than now. The poor level of nutrition in that meager subsistence would have had delayed puberty. Also, if your fraudulent prophet did not marry for sex, why did he have sex with Aisha while she was a child? Did she rape him?!

I hope that you will be spared the cruel fate of an Islamic marriage. May you become enlightened and renounce Islam.