Friday, August 28, 2009

Persecution of Patriots

Hidden by the ongoing debate and protests over the proposed socialization of the American health care system in addition to the recent death of the man responsible for Mary Jo Kopechne's death, the Obama administration has started its torment of the defenders of American security. The Obama regime has been returning political favors to those that supported his campaign. Among these are the self-loathing Americans who want the United States to accept defeat and retreat on all of fronts in the Islamic war against the Free World. Therefore, the Obamaniacs have demanded that their messiah's henchmen unsheathe their daggers then plunge them into the exposed backs of patriots combating jihadis.

American service personnel have already been forced to concede to Islamists' demands regarding the treatment of the jihadis. American tax dollars were spent to provide a Koran, prayer rug and prayer beads to every captured jihadi. This funding of religious instruction exists in addition to the highly expensive provision of halal meals to cater to the savages' tastes. All of this undeserved treatment of these criminals flies in the face of the Geneva Convention. None of these goons were wearing a distinguishable military uniform while engaged in such activities as firing on American and allied forces, planting explosives and other acts of war.

There is no precedent for this appeasement of Islamists' demands for undeserved treatment. German prisoners during the Second World War never received free copies of Mein Kempf during their captivity. During that same war, the few Japanese soldiers captured by American were not issued any means to commit ritualistic suicide as their ideology mandated. Additionally, captured communist forces during the wars in Korea and Vietnam never were issued copies of The Communist Manifesto or any other Marxist literature supplied by the country that they sought to defeat. One must ask why do adherents to Islam deserve complementary implements of their ideology when adherents to other strains of totalitarianism were denied similar luxuries. Not only were Axis and Communist forces never pampered in captivity, those who engaged in military operations while not in uniform were frequently executed. Anyone involved in acts of sabotage or other hostility while not in uniform are considered as spies; those have no protections under the Geneva Convention. Instead of bowing down to Allah five times per day, these jihadis should reserve some gratitude for Uncle Sam for his naive and short-sighted magnanimity.

So what practices have drawn the ire of the useful idiots more concerned about pleasing Islamists than preventing further acts of jihad against the United States? Some of these prisoners were strip-searched, had ink smeared on their faces, were held in solitary confinement, were deprived of shoes, had cigar smoke blown in their faces or saw an interrogator squat over, stand on or kick a Koran. Can anyone hand-wringing over these incidents name just one person who has ever died or suffered disabling injuries from any of these actions?

Mohamad al-Kahtani, the would-be twentieth hijacker of the plot on the eleventh of September in 2001, faced annoyances such as sleep deprivation, exposure to cold and insults to female members of his family. Many of the members of the American armed forces have endured the same treatment during their training. When will any member of the ACLU or any other jihadi-coddling group lift a finger to halt to rough treatment meted out to American service personnel?

In a pursuit of justice, someone should conduct of poll of survivors of jihadist violence. The question would ask, “Would you rather undergo the same treatment suffered by the prisoners at GITMO or would prefer the fate of the passengers of the hijacked planes and by the occupants of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?” Maybe such an undertaking would open the eyes of the “Hate America First” crowd to see the folly of their myopic and self-destructive agenda.



Anonymous said...

a man after my own heart!
Check out the ongoing debate on Parents against Obama's speech right here on Facebook. I was attacked by some Moslem mother fuckers from Iran. Perhaps you could join me.

Charles Kastriot said...


where is the Obama speech debate? Where I connect with you on Facebook?

Charles Kastriot