Friday, August 7, 2009

conversation with a Mohamadan sheep named Fatima Shirazi

In response to a friend request on Facebook by someone unknown to me calling herself "Fatima Shirazi", the following exchanges took place. I have not altered any of what she or I said in the original messages.

Charles Kastriot
June 29 at 11:51pm
"Have we met previously? I am wondering why you sent me a friend request."

Fatima Shirazi
July 7 at 8:26pm
"lol no...
we havent
just curious to add you"

Charles Kastriot
July 8 at 12:45pm
"What is your opinion of Islam?"

Fatima Shirazi
July 9 at 5:59pm
"but in what aspect do you mean?
it is a broad question
whats your view?"

Charles Kastriot
July 9 at 8:27pm
"I will specify my question. What is your opinion of polygyny, of Sharia and its implementation, of suicidal attacks, of apostasy from Islam and of other religions?"

Fatima Shirazi
July 9 at 9:47pm
"lol wow so basically what do I think of radical islam?
I do not support polygamy it was in the quran back in the day for different reasons, sharia is only practiced in saudi and other gulf nations. I dont suport suicide attacks not does islam, despite wat people say.
apostasy-if a person wants to be a different religion so be each their own.
i have no issue with other religions but if i were to ever convert i could never be a polytheistic one..
ex-hindu, buddhism...etc
but that doesnt mean i have a personal vendetta against them
and you?"

Charles Kastriot
July 11 at 3:12pm
"Polygyny is not radical in terms of Islam. Mohamad (MHBHF) clearly stated in Koran 4:3 that a man can marry up to four women. If someone claimed that polygyny was forbidden in Islam or that a woman could legally have multiple husbands at the same times, those would be radical. Polygyny is a conventional Islamic component

"Koran 3:151, 4:74, 4:76, 4:89-91 and numerous others promote violence versus non-believers and promise eternal rewards for those who die fighting. Once again, there is nothing radical about advocating Islamic violence against non-believers according to the foundation of Islam, the Koran.

"Koran 2:2 clearly states that whatever Mo (MHBHF) said and is recorded in the Koran is absolutely true and not to be doubted."

Fatima Shirazi
July 11 at 4:22pm
"in regards to a man being able to marry four women, those who still practice it despite the history of why it happened during the time of the prophet pbuh, are in my opinion uneducated. it also states in which chapter im not sure, that the reason it was written was so no one disputed him, and later it states that you are only able to marry up to four women if you can support all of them and be equal, since that is not humanly possible it is not to happen. the reason why people still do it is for debts, or they are uneducated and/or they are trying to keep a bloodline in the family. there are many reasons why it happens. i dont understand are we arguing?
i find what you asked me radical.
"i pray, i dont eat pork, i fast during ramadan, but yet i go out, i date non muslims, i am aware of who i am, i added you because you were on the i hate islam group. it is easy to pick apart any religion for its beliefs. there are many beliefs in islam i dont agree with, but the same goes for christianity, buddhism, catholicism, judaism, etc. i find flaws in all religions despite you being able to quote chapters, i am devout but not to the point where i dont have my own mind.
The quran is a guideline, i find religion a guideline and any person who has any kind of faith, agnostic, atheistic or etc...will go to heaven on hell depending on what a person hold inside not what they show to the world as their religion. those who have faith and those who dont...i dont understand the hatred for religions people dont fully understand.
"you have to understand why these things were implemented before you debate them.
as a sidenote, i was int he i hate islam group, because i did not believe it when a friend of mine told me. this friend of mine is christian and a friend of theirs joined the group.
"i am not saying its okay to pick and choose what you believe about a religion, but i am saying that i understand the flaws of islam, and if you were to sit down with me or someone like minded they would be able to explain this to you."

Fatima Shirazi
July 11 at 4:23pm
"its very easy to pick faults with a religion, but why focus on that when we have our own lives to live?"

Fatima Shirazi
July 11 at 4:27pm
"Inside the Koran

A film by Antony Thomas"

Charles Kastriot
July 15 at 9:12pm
"While other religious have their shortcomings, Islam is not merely a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology. Its dedicated adherents pursue Mo(MHBHF)'s exhortations to subjugate the whole world to force all of of humanity to submit to Islamic dominance. That is why I actively oppose Islam and its advocates."

Fatima Shirazi
July 23 at 8:09pm
"Well while I disagree with you fully. I feel this is a no win argument. You have your views and I have mine. But I hope you dont feel like that about Islam forever. Maybe you will meet a great person who is muslim or maybe you will see where your faults lie in your view of islam."

Charles Kastriot
July 25 at 2:46pm
"You truly think by meeting 'a great person who is muslim' that will eliminate all of the evil contained within his/her and your ideology? Would meeting a 'great person who is Jewish' cause you to renounce Islam and accept Judaism? What if that 'great person' were an athiest, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Marxist or a pagan? Falling for Islamic disinformation uttered by a smooth-talking Mohamadan cannot change the inherently totalitarian nature of Islam.

"I hope you will read the Koran and other Islamic texts with an open mind and inquisitive spirit instead of the unquestioned and unchallengeable acceptance that Islamists demand. I simply view Islam as it really exists and what it advocates."

Fatima has not replied to my last message.


countingsheep said...

It's impossible to have a logical conversation with these people.. I know what you must be going through!

countingsheep said...

PS : I wonder WHY their women say that being one in about four or five wives is alright...