Sunday, May 24, 2009

Timely Reminder

Among the ongoing debates within the Obama Administration and the rest of the American society about the fate of the war criminals detained at Guantanamo Bay, jihadis reminded those paying attention why the facility exists in the first place. Four career criminals were in the process of waging jihad in New York. In the nearly eight years since the Islamic terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, the Koran and its exhortations to violence and oppression of non-Mohamadans have not changed. The Islamists' will to impose Islamic dictates on the Free World has not evaporated either.

The continued detainment of jihadis at Guantanamo Bay does inspire other Mohamadans to respond to calls for jihad, as well as it should. If they die in the process of killing non-Mohamadans, they believe an eternity in a free bordello awaits them. If they succeed in murdering so-called "infidels" yet survive the attacks, they will be hailed as heroes throughout the Islamic bloc. If they are captured in the process of jihad, they will be rewarded with three halal meals per day plus a Koran, prayers beads and rug in addition to exercise equipment and furnished living quarters, all paid for by the suicidally naive U.S. government. With these three possible outcomes serving as the only consequences of engaging in jihad versus Americans, one must wonder why all Mohamadan males are not pursuing this path to limitless sex, fame or leisure.

This latest Islamic plot to attack Americans also raises an inexplicable phenomenon. The sheer stupidity of permitting Islamic clerics to enter American prisons stands out as astounding act of national self-immolation. These Islamists prey on criminals who already have little to no regard for the lives and property of law-abiding Americans. The Islamists give them an excuse for their rage against democracy, capitalism and freethinking. Then they encapsulate their lusts for murder, theft and rape by justifying such crimes as permissible by following the example of Mohamad ibn Abdullah (May he burn in hell forever) as recorded in the Koran and the hadiths.

Never in the history of the United States were enemy agents allowed to enter the country so openly and operate so freely as during this current war. The Nazi regime was not allowed to send representatives to scour Depression-era American jails for potential recruits for the SS or Wehrmacht. Without a doubt, Americans with Fascist or Marxist sympathies cruised "Hoovervilles" to stir up anti-republicanism or anti-capitalism. However, they did not do so with explicit approval of federal, state or local governmental sanction. The politically-correct acquiescence to Islamists' demands will continue to produce future enemy agents bent on murder and destruction within the United States. Prison authorities or the politicians controlling the funds supporting those authorities must halt this treacherous permissiveness before more home-grown jihadis strike again.


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