Monday, June 1, 2009

Religious Indoctrination Led to Murder

A murder occurring this week has not caused a huge nation-wide outrage that it merits. A blatant act of terrorism occurred in the United States, in broad daylight and front of witnesses that demonstrates the gall of the murderer. A violent religious fanatic fatally shot a man simply because that man had training in and engaged in a legal profession. Granted, the victim’s form of employment has raised controversy in some narrow-minded social circles. Although these virulent critics would viciously accuse the victim of engaging in murder, he had not done so under any definition of American jurisprudence. The victim was never arrested for nor charged with any homicides. Despite those circumstances, a blood-thirsty zealot assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner.

American society cannot survive such unapologetic aggression based on a malevolent ideology masquerading as religion. Apparently, this assassin believes that he had divine sanction for his blatant and pre-meditated murder. Undoubtedly, he will defend his action by quoting his faith’s scriptures. This trial will display the oppressive bigotry of the murder’s ilk, bent on imposing their despotic theocracy on the entire United States of America. People who cherish the freedom to live their lives without the shackles of the murderer’s hateful constraints can no longer remain silent. Do the American people want a representative democracy that functions under the rule of law determined by the consent of the governed and not by the dictates of practitioners of an intolerant ideology which originated in the Middle East more than a millennium ago?

The myopic sheep of his congregation will likely distance themselves from this crime, at least, publicly. A few might openly condemn his act. However, away from cameras and prying eyes of non-believers, they will smile, laugh and shout his praises for slaughtering a man that they all loathed. They will strive to assure the country that his actions do not represent their movement’s true intentions and that the killer had strayed from their guidance into extremism. The adherents’ spokesmen have mastered duplicitous statements that fool the bulk of non-believers. Too many gullible Americans so desperately want to avoid conflict that they swallow the double-speak despite glaring inconsistencies. Eventually, that forced consumption of disinformation will lead to either the expectoration of the multitude of lies or irrevocable asphyxiation. Sadly, a significant number of the alleged intellectuals among the media, academia and other spheres of influence have already succumbed to the latter, leading to their obvious brain-dead status.

In conclusion, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad’s murder of Private William Long at an Army-Navy recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas should remind all Americans that jihadis do not exist and operate solely in backwaters in which Islam reigns. This latest act of Islamic aggression directed at a defender of freedom should serve notice that those residing in the United States must maintain vigilance against future incidents of savagery. Additionally, this incident underscores the necessity of the total elimination of the malignancy from the entire world, starting within the borders of the United States of America.


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Tarquin said...

It would be interesting to compare the amount of MSM coverage the abortionist murder got in comparison to the murder of the army recruiter.

I guess some lives are more valuable than other lives to the "enlightended" apologists for the "religion of peace".