Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catering to Islamists' tastes

We, the members of the Society for the Defeat of Islam, are promoting a boycott of both Kentucky Fried Chicken and Domino's Pizza. As detailed in these two links below, both companies have kowtowed to demands by Islamists to implement "halal only" locations. We must not allow these incidents of Sharia-creep to continue unchallenged. If these two dhimmified corporations value the business of Mohamadans this much, then they should try to survive financially without the business of freedom-loving people. Credit for the links goes to Cuhraytin Erumy.

KFC: http://tinyurl.com/c7jl5v
Domino's: http://tinyurl.com/r87nq5

Additionally, we ask for everyone to contact both KFC and Domino's to voice our objections to their pandering to Mohamadans. It is vital to inform them of our campaign. If we succeed in reducing their profits yet they do not know about our campaign, they may just assume the losses were due to the economic decline.

Here is the contact information for KFC: http://www.kfc.com/contact

This is for Domino’s: https://info.dominos.com/dominos_pizza/contact.nsf/frmContact?openform

We must inform both that we will continue with the boycott of all their restaurants until they end all halal menus. This means revoking halal menus at corporate-owned locations and terminating franchises for those who maintain halal outlets.

Will you join our effort?


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WLIL said...

It is even worst in Malaysia and in Singapore,(supposedly one of the major multicultural countries in the world) where almost all types of food are labelled eerily halal!!
Who gave them the right to label almost everything eerily halal?!!
It is not rampant in western countries. It seems to be only rampant in asiatic countries.
It is disgusting to see all outlets of Mcdonald, KFC, Burger King, etc, in Malaysia and in Singapore being labelled halal by those disgusting extremist mentality. It seems those asian regions are only selfishly catering to those mohamendans taste, while ignoring, disregarding and alienating other (quite a substantial) nonbelievers
culture. The halal sign itself is a meaningless supremacist sign related to unpleasant religious extremism of mohamedans who wish to flex their power on unsuspecting nonbelievers consumers. The halal sign should not be imposed on us, nonbelievers in public dining place, where people of different belief systems exists and we, nonbelievers should not be forced to patronize out of no choice. Asians should give us nonbelievers, a choice and not reduced us, nonbelievers to starving in their pathetic hostile public places (eg,airport in KL) due to their extreme inconsiderate pandering to certain sections of their extremely selfish asiatic communities only.