Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Bleeting from a Mohamadan Sheep

One of the Mohamadan sheeple who has contacted me to spew Islamic disinformation resented my postings of her inanity. The following is her most recent messages with my responses. I have not altered anything that she or I initially wrote.

Fatima Shirazi March 1 at 10:17pm
"I was looking for a article I wrote on the internet, and I found your website..and you posted our entire conversation. Seriously? Its not okay to call muslims Mohamadan Sheeps. wow.....I did not want even to finish our conversation the first time around because I realized you have no thorough understanding of what Islam really represents, you just pick random schools of thought and lump Islam into one category. Open your eyes, there are more then one school of thought for Islam and there are more deep rooted meanings and reasons then you could ever understand. Enjoy your Islam hating."

Charles Kastriot March 1 at 11:08pm
"Only two 'schools' of Islam exist: yours, which obfuscates the plethora of evils (totalitarianism, misogyny, pedophilia, thievery and so forth) and the other school which openly admits and embraces these evils. There is nothing deeper to Islam than the libido and whims of its fabricator, Mohamad (May he burn Hell forever). Enjoy being beaten for not hiding yourself under a drape in your posted photograph. Hopefully, your batterer will beat some wisdom and enlightenment into your brain."

Fatima Shirazi March 1 at 11:50pm
"Be careful every time you turn your ignition key.

May Allah bless you and forgive you."

Charles Kastriot March 2 at 1:07am
"What a typical Mohamadan response. Of course, savages such as yourself would never dare to try to harm me face-to-face. Your ilk prefer cowardly attacks like car bombings which you referenced in addition to hijacking planes then crashing them into buildings. May you burn in Hell forever alongside the criminal who created your totalitarian ideology."

Unfortunately for the Free World, this barbarian resides within the realm of civilization. We should be concerned about what type of terrorism with which this Fifth Columnist is involved. Hopefully, civilized people will keep a watchful eye on this enemy and remove her from their soil.