Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jihad Jane and the Victims of the Danish Cartoon

Once again, the nefarious schemes of the barbarians within the gates of the Free World have been exposed. The latest revelation of Colleen LaRose, a Western-born and raised Caucasian American woman participating in jihad against the United States should finally shatter the endlessly spouted deception from Islamists and their useful idiots. One must wonder if the wall of political correctness protecting the public perception of Islam will crumble due to this latest blow of truth.

Any measures taken against Mohamadans and any responses to the Islamic threat automatically receive the label "racist". Arab jihadis such as Nidal Malik Hassan is and the nineteen hijackers of the eleventh of September were also Caucasian. The majority of Americans are Caucasian just as the Arab jihadis are.

What is the basis for Islamists' screeches of "racism" every time a Mohamadan is frisked at an airport boarding area or Islamic organization is investigated by the media or law enforcement? Actually, the only basis is knowledge of the obsession of the vast majority of Americans with avoiding the mere accusation of racism against themselves. The Islamists' ubiquitous hurling of the "r-word" against the obstacles in their path to Islamization has served as a permanent "get out of trouble free" card. Their cynical ignoring of facts which undercut the potency of their favorite tactic demonstrates one of their principles: the ends (Islamization) justifies the means (takkiya).

Jihad Jane continues a growing line of American jihadis such as John Allen Mohammed, John Walker Lindh, Adam Gadahn, and Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. This blond, blue-eyed woman could have served as a model for Nazi propaganda. Instead she chose to adhere to Islam, another form of totalitarianism but no less brutally hostile to representative democracy and the freedoms which it entails and she exploits. Unfortunately, the altruism of a Pennsylvania police officer prevented this most recent traitor from committing suicide in 2005.

Jihad Jane expressed her desperation to do something to ease the suffering of Mohamadans. What exactly is this supposed suffering and what was her plan to help end it? Colleen LaRose and her fellow Mohamadans object to a cartoon drawn by Lars Vilks. Their solution to art which they dislike is to kill of the artist. Mohamadans are practicing the solution to opposition instituted by their namesake whenever he learned of any poetry mocking his supposed prophetic status. Whenever Islamists and their useful idiots spout Islamic propaganda about the alleged compatibility of Islam within a representative democracy, clear-thinking people must keep this plot in mind. This conspiracy to murder belies how freedoms of speech and of expression are obliterated when Islamic principles are imposed. Just as any aspersion on Adolf Hitler in Nazi-dominated territory or objections to Karl Marx in communist regimes inevitably led to death sentences, the adherents of Islam will violently extinguish any source of criticism of the creator of their ideology.

Lost among the details of this manifestation of Islam in action has been the public defamation of an entire group of beings. Lars Vilks' drawing in question portrayed the head of the inventor of Islam on the body of a dog. The canine community did nothing to deserve this slander of guilt by association. Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) frequently revealed his cynophobia in various Islamic texts. Mohamadans express hostility toward dogs; one could logically assume that the antipathy is mutual. Considering that no dog has admitted to having sexual relations with a nine year old girl nor robbed anyone opposed to their absolute dictatorship nor ordered the assassination of political opponents, this writer maintains that dogs, not Mohamadans, deserve the apology from Lars Vilks for his cartoon.