Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wake Up-Call to the Free World

The time has come for the free world to unite and confront its common enemy: Islam. It is not Islamic "fundamentalism", "extremism", "radicalism" or any other politically-correct euphemism that threatens the world. Islam, in its true and unadulterated form, menaces any and all who refuse to convert or submit to its adherents' tyranny.

It has become abundantly clear that very few in the free world realize the true evil nature of Mohamad ibn Abdullah and his ideology he dubbed "Islam". Governments of states in Europe and in the Americas foolishly allow Mohamadans to immigrate in huge numbers into their countries despite the clearly stated hostility of Mohamadans to non-Islamic societies. Mohamadans infiltrate free societies, exploiting freedom found there to propagate Islam. Their efforts have led to legal prohibitions against criticizing any aspect of Islam or its adherents such as the "hate-speech codes" in Australia, Canada & throughout Europe. Additionally, Mohamadans take advantage of the liberated economies to raise funds for jihadists to kill and destroy non-Mohamadans around the world.

Therefore, individuals in the free world must take the initiative to defeat Islam. This includes boycotting Mohamadan-owned enterprises and refusing to conduct any business with Mohamadans. We must appeal to governmental agencies and political leaders to resist Sharia-creep. Whether it is installing foot-washes in public restrooms, permitting Mohamadan women to obscure their faces in public or any other manifestation of Islamic corruption of free societies, no ground can be allowed to Islamists. Islam is the cancer that will kill the free world if it is not halted and eliminated.


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