Friday, May 9, 2008

First Step of the Counter-Offensive

Every inhabitant of the free world who cherishes his/her liberty has an obligation to aid efforts to halt the spread of Islam. A person need not enlist in the armed forces nor work law enforcement in order to accomplish this. Every man, women and child can assist the resistance to Islam by how and where one spends money. Through support of military and law enforcement personnel, the civilized people of the world also combat Mohamadan tyranny. Finally, free citizens must monitor and communicate with governmental employees and elected officials so that those in power realize the danger Islam poses and will make every effort to defeat the Islamists.

This effort includes disrupting the means of Islamists to finance their jihad. We will provide the names of businesses who are funneling their profits to jihadis. We expect that free people will boycott these enterprises plus encouraging others to do so. Islamic businesses function as leeches that thrive on the economies of the free world only to finance those who wish to destroy Western civilization.
Freedom-loving people are compelled to counter the implementation of Sharia. The true totalitarian nature of Islam reveals itself in the laws of Sharia. The second-class status of women and even lower status of non-Mohamadans is glaringly obvious under Sharia. The abolition of true freedom of religion, speech and others stands as a cornerstone of Islamic law.
The civilized world must use its liberties to fend off and overcome Islam. Otherwise, Islamists will exploit our rights to undermine and, ultimately, obliterate them. Free speech is worthless if someone is cowed into only speaking false platitudes about Islam or its creator, Mohamad ibn Abdullah. Islam must be challenged and exposed as the violent, misogynous, anti-Jewish, Christophobic and totalitarian ideology that it has always been.



Nick said...

Hilarity. I have this sneaking suspicion all these hardworking American or soon-to-be-American restaurateurs are quaking in their boots at your boycott. But just in case, I think I'm going to order some nice kebabs tonight, celebrate the fact that the REAL America assimilates rather than annihilates, and then curl up with a nice Ann Coulter book I can giggle at.

You're positively adorable.

Islam S. Bane said...

"REAL America assimilates", in your words but Mohamedans do not. Real American women do not hide themselves under suffocating garments so to avoid beatings. Real Americans do not demand that schools and businesses cater to Islamic practices, regardless how ridiculous or oppressive they are.
Ann Coulter expresses her opinions with comedic flare. We commend you for reading her works. Hopefully, she will enlighten you to the seriousness of the Islamic menace. If not, you can always continue to read our site.

Nick said...

I know "Mohamedans" personally who have assimilated quite contentedly and eagerly into the American way of life, so I have the wonderful pleasure of know first-hand that you're completely full of shit.

Take for example your straw man about Islamic women's dress being purely to avoid beatings. Is this a deliberate Groucho Marx reference, or are you just that wonderfully innocent of the world, you glorious insane angel? I can't disagree that Islam has an ugly sexist streak, but to extend it to every practitioner of every strain of Islam, as if there has NEVER been an Islamic marriage not based under the threat of violence... makes you the sort of character most of us only thought existed in films like Dr. Strangelove, ranting and drooling behind a desk.

You'd be comical, with your absurdly abstract and uniform notion of a complex and widely variable religion, strewn over many nations and culture, and practiced in many different form, some virulent and some bearing no resemblence to your schizo-paranoid right-wing fantasy.

But you're too stupid, pugnacious, and dangerous in a way that we just can't afford to leave unchallenged. I'm having a great time in the meantime, though, please continue being a discredit to yourself and your cause. I will continue to read your site will all due interest.

Nick said...

Oh, and the meal was DELICIOUS -- chapli kebab prepared by two very nice Pakistani boys who recently bought the corner shop. I hope it will infuriate and confound you even further that I'm pretty sure they're a couple. The world is so much more complicated, in the warm humane detail of real human beings, than your pamphlet-length philosophy will allow.