Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Than Words Needed

This week, two media reports grabbed my attention. On Monday, Dennis Prager’s mentioning on his radio show of the bombing of a church in Khartoum reminded me of the ongoing jihad by the Sudanese Islamists against non-Mohamadans within their borders. This Islamic aggression also continues against those in the newly created refuge called South Sudan. As I searched for more details, I recalled other such efforts to eradicate any Christians in Irak, Pakistan, Egypt and other places within the Islamic bloc during the most recent years.

The previous day, 60 Minutes whitewashed the on-going jihad against Christians in the territories of Samaria and Judea. This farcical piece of video insinuated that Israeli security measures are causing the diminution of the Christian population in Nazareth, in Bethlehem and in other noteworthy towns. However, the reporter, Bob Simon, mentioned the increase in the Mohamadan population in those same locations. Either by cerebral failure or willful negligence, this report omitted any reference to the frequent vandalism and assaults committed by Mohamadans against Christian targets under the jurisdiction of the Philistine Authority, not areas controlled by the Israelis. Therefore, the possibility that Arab Christians are fleeing persecution by Islamists was never considered or investigated.

Christians have suffered as jihadis have swarmed to Irak and Afghanistan to fight against the armed forces of civilized countries. The toppling of autocratic but not strictly Islamic regimes in Tunisia, Irak and Egypt have created opportunities for Islamic factions to implement persecution of Christians along with other elements of Sharia. Instead of American and other coalition members stopping jihadis from attacking Christians and others resisting Sharia-creep, these forces stand by while supposedly friendly new governments oppress those minorities or least turn a blind eye toward the burning of churches, binges of rape of Christian girls and other atrocities committed by mobs of Mohamadans.
As little as the deployment of armed forces of the Free World have done to protect Christian minorities, their presence may be forestalling more ghastly fates. Once those military operations end, the jihadis will be able to steer all of their efforts toward the extermination of Christians. It seems that nothing will stop their mission to eradicate non-Mohamadans just as previous totalitarians did to the Jews within the Islamic bloc starting in the 1940s.

Far too often the responses of Christians consists of hand wringing and calls for prayer. Of what value are those to people being robbed, raped or murdered with survivors fleeing for their lives? Frankly, those are excuses for non-involvement to assuage the sense of guilt of those living comfortably in the Civilized World. They involve no risk nor demand any exertion. Islamic persecution requires a potent antidote for it eradication.
Granted, a small number of Christians such as Voice of the Martyrs, Barnaba’s Fund and Samaritan’s Purse have ventured into enemy territory to provide food, shelter and other sustenance to refugees. However, they reacted to victimization that should never have been allowed to occur. If Christians were not defenseless and passive in the face of armed and ruthless jihadis, the need for restorative aid would be diminished. Generosity to help rebuild churches and schools destroyed by jihadis is wasted if no measures to prevent future attacks are taken.

Those within the Free World may be tempted to rely on their governments to halt the oppression of Christians and others with the Islamic bloc. An example of this hope lies in the Truman Doctrine, which provided American aid to people resisting Marxist subjugation. Later, the Reagan Doctrine mandated assistance to those already under Marxist oppression seeking to topple their subjugators. The same level of commitment should be applied to combat another manifestation of totalitarianism. Unfortunately, very few politicians in the various governments of the Civilized World dare to criticize any aspect of Islam. For anyone in a high ranking position of power to call openly for the defeat of Islam then initiate significant measures to accomplish that goal seems improbable at best.

Therefore, I will risk the inevitable condemnation from Islamists, apologists for Islam and bystanders indifferent to the menace of Islamization. Sympathetic words and modest efforts to assist the victims of jihad must also include willingness to protect the victims from more attacks. This aid must include means for freedom-loving people to counteract the violence of jihadis. Stated bluntly, the Civilized World must fund those resisting Islamic encroachment and those wishing to liberate themselves from Islamic regimes, including military assistance. Islamists, just as adherents to other totalitarian ideologies, believe that they are entitled to impose their will on the rest of the world, by force if opponents resist. If those in opposition lack equipment, training and other essentials to strike back at jihadis, then totalitarians will obliterate liberty and those who value it as happened in Europe in the 1940s.

Will Christians across different nations join forces regardless of the foreign and domestic policies of their homelands? Can various denominations set aside theological disagreements in face of a common enemy? Are Christians willing to spend their money and risk their lives to counter the violent oppression committed by jihadis? Have the dervishes of political correctness browbeaten civilized people into accepting any resistance to Islamic persecution equates to racism? As those in the Free World dither and debate, the jihad slithers onward, crushing those favoring representative democracy, equality of all peoples and freedom in general while drawing a pall over the lands, which it has subjugated. Free World must unite and overcome Islam before Islamists drag all of humanity into the abyss of a new and more sinister Dark Age.



Urban Infidel said...

I will never give up but the lights in the West are dimming.

One thing is certain. If they win, they will waste no time in commencing the killing of each other.

So it is written.

Charles Kastriot said...

Yes, Miss Infidel, you are correct about Mohamadans inevitably turning on each other. If they focused solely on proving to each other who has rightfully inherited the role of Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever), then the rest of the world would be spared further suffering. Additionally, fewer Mohamadans in the world would reduce the amount of mayhem in the world's future.