Sunday, July 31, 2011

Etiquette for Ramabomb

In response to Mohamadans and their useful idiots who stipulate that civilized people cater to the absurd dictates of a seventh century criminal during Ramabomb, I am reprising this list of demands.

-Remove your burkas, nikabs, and all other suffocatingly misogynistic clothing that Islamists demand that every woman wear. We object to women being forced to hide under oppressive outfits because some men erroneously think that they cannot control their libidos. If Mohamadans refuse to control their little minarets, then they need to be deported to the infernal regions where Islam reigns supreme. These shroud-like outfits particularly gall those of us in the Free World during the summer when they exacerbate your noxious body odors.

-Leave your absurd superstitions like fear of sitting toilets and dogs plus your phobias of pork and alcohol in the Islamic bloc when you enter the Free World. We do not like to be told what we are allowed to eat or drink based on others’ delusions.

-Cease quoting from the Koran or any other Islamic texts that encouraged those terrorists to commit mass murder and condones their actions. We know that your supposedly sacred scriptures are full of hateful oppression directed toward us. We resent the threats which your ilk spews in reciting these totalitarian texts.

-Dispense with any absurd and baseless conspiracies that anyone other than nineteen Arab Mohamadans committed these crimes. At least have the decency to admit that your totalitarian cult wants to kill us.

-Stop the plan to build the monument at Ground Zero to the Islamic terrorists who carried out the hijackings. The same sentiments are directed toward the construction of any more terrorist recruiting and training centers. Whether you label them as a "mosk, "madrassa, "community center" or any other moniker makes no difference. Such constructions will provoke a formidable backlash against those who wish to gloat over our losses.

I wish a peaceful August to all civilized people. To all Mohamadans, I hope for your complete failure in all your attempts at violence, better known as jihad, during Ramabomb.


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