Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goats' Head-butts and Crocodile Tears

Representative Keith Ellison’s crocodile tears flowed freely in front of Congress and the general public last week. He lamented the death of a Mohamadan fireman caused by Ellison’s fellow Islamists on the eleventh of September in 2001. Evidently, Ellison could not be bothered to mention or mourn any of the other nearly three thousand others who were murdered by those sharing Ellison’s ideology. After all, the brutal extermination of non-Mohamadans is not something over which two goats will butt heads, as the fabricator of Islam was fond of saying.

So what else moves Ellison to tears and angry denunciations? Where was his overt display of grief over the non-Mohamadans slaughtered by the Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood? When did he express indignation over the thousands of American armed forces personnel killed by jihadis? How many times did he decry the recent foiled bombing and murder plots by jihadis such as those directed at Fort Dix, in Times Square, at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland or in the vicinity of Wrigley Field and elsewhere? His lack of any similar outburst following these true crimes reveals his indifference to the suffering of those outside of his totalitarian cult.

What did Ellison accomplish with his opening of the water works? Only time will tell. He drew another card from the deck of perpetual Mohamadan victimhood and played it in front of the entire nation. His tantrum may succeed in squelching any further investigation of the Islamist agenda of undermining national security and general tranquility of the American public. Likely, he will add more irrelevant tear-jerking rants to halt improvements in security that focus on the most likely and recurring perpetrators of terrorism, his fellow Mohamadans. Given his Islam-supremacist viewpoints, any discomfort of or offense taken by Mohamadans supersede the peace of mind and right to live of infidels.


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