Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mohamadan Posing as a Concerned Jew

For the amusement of my associates, below is a message on Facebook which I received from a purported Jew who objected to my logo on Facebook. I have not altered anything which he or I wrote.

Daniel Sidon, October 4 at 6:26am: "you are against what? religion? why you making this to your profile photo? I am Jew and I respect Islam, because there is lot of similarities, that bad and stupid people which are figting for hamas etc. they will fight also without islam! they aren't following islam and jihad. jihad is strictly self-defensive! be so kind and put there something whats telling to others how you are nice, or ugly, but not how you're same stupid! thanks"

Charles Kastriot, October 6 at 12:02am "I am not against religion. I oppose Islam and all other forms of totalitarianism. My profile photo represents my opposition to the cancer that threatens democracy and freedom across the world.
If you are truly Jewish, which I highly doubt, try reading the Koran before you defend Islam. It is full of anti-Jewish rhetoric. Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever) merely co-opted some superficial elements of Judaism to lure Arabian Jews into his self-aggrandizing cult. After all but a few refused, he waged jihad on them, killing or enslaving all of the Jewish tribes of Arabia.

Hamas and other Islamists are simply following the example of Mo (MHBHF) as he dictated in the Koran. Just as Mo (MHBHF) ordered assassinations of critics, robbed anyone not in his cult, had sex with a multitude of women and pre-pubescent girls and committed numerous other crimes, Hamas and others such savages imitate his loathsome pattern.
If you think that by serving Mohamadans as their useful idiot, that they will not eventually slit your throat too? Stop being a craven dhimmi!"

Daniel Sidon, October 6 at 8:43am
"maybe YOU can try to read Koran."

I tried to reply to this anemic statement but this coward blocked me! Now, I am completely convinced that this invertabrate is actually a Mohamadan.


countingsheep said...

I'm posting this on my Facebook... people should know!

inkvizitor said...

hey, here is Dany - that jew waht are You talking about... I mean YOU absolutely missed my need to told you that it is not good to put your anti-something picture as a profile picture. you are fanatic, I was living in Israel from my childhood, I grew up in a war when in 91 Saddam Hussein was bombarding JERUSHALAIM by Scuds!!! highest level of chemical alarm... I am not mohamedan, I just respect peoples religion. thats it! not everyone who believe ISLAM, is same stupid as some terrorist or YOU!


inkvizitor said...