Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pounding HAMAS into Hummus

Israel has an opportunity to rid itself of the perennial hemorrhoid called HAMAS. Actually, the destruction of this group of murderous jihadis would benefit the rest of the Free World. If Hezbollah continues to launch attacks from Lebanon into Israel, then the same treatment should be meted out to those savages also.

This toughest aspect of this endeavour is resisting the temptation to cave into the demands of the hand-wringing numskulls in the mainstream media and the anti-Jewish elements in positions of political power throughout Europe & North America. Islamists and members of the Appeasement Movement are whining about Mohamadans killed or injured by Israeli counter-attacks. However, they were noticeably silent when HAMAS' provocative attacks killed and injured Israelis, predominately civilians. Do not mistake their concern for the suffering of Mohamadans as concern for all human beings in this conflict. They have obviously aligned themselves with the jihadis in this conflict.

Therefore, this posting stands as a bit of unsolicited advice to all Israelis: DO NOT STOP UNTIL HAMAS IS OBLITERATED! That means every member that can be found must be killed, especially those in positions of power within the organization. Under no circumstances should ANY cease-fire take place. That would only allow the jihadis more time to smuggle in more weapons, other supplies and possibly foreign fighters to continue their attacks. Do not delay operations for any humanitarian reasons to benefit the Mohamadans. They will not hate you any less, no matter how much civility or charity you display toward the savages.


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